Doctor Strange’s Wong Just Beat One of the Strongest X-Men in One Move

Preview for Strange Academy #15, Doctor Strange’s longtime ally Wong defeats Magik, one the most powerful X-Men, with one move. Wong shows how to disable and defend against influential magic users. He can destroy Illyana Rasputin’s demonic Soulsword and ends his duel with the X-Men’s big gun. Wong barely moves a muscle. This is an excellent example of how undervalued Wong is.

The mutant Magik was first introduced in 1975’s Giant-Sized X-Men #1. it is one of the most powerful X-Men. Her abilities extend beyond her mutant power of teleportation and include a variety of capacities related to her status of Ruler of Limbo, a demonic Hell-like dimension. Wong was first introduced in 1963’s Strange Tales #110. He is a highly-skilled martial artist and has spent decades with Stephen Strange. It is no surprise that he is experienced in magic defense.

The preview for Strange Academy #15 was written by Skottie and illustrated by Humberto Ramos. It shows the main class taking part in their first Mystical Defence 101 course. Illyana is his sparring partner. The faculty of Strange Academy have been subject to multiple attacks over the past year, including the death and attack by Mister Misery and battles against Dormammu. It is not surprising that they are passionate about teaching students magic defense. Illyana is an Adjunct Professor at Strange Academy. She has been instructing the students in magic defense, which she is familiar with. However, her brief duel with Wong demonstrates that reason is as important as offense. Enjoy the preview below, which AIPT shared.

Wong and Magik are engaged in a sparring match. Illyana seems to be unafraid of Wong’s fully-powered Soulsword as she charges at him. Wong waves his hands, casting a magical defense spell that completely depowers the Soulsword. Wong defeating Illyana is impressive enough. However, his ability to disable the Soulsword’s magical properties, which are meant to interrupt the magic properties of the things it slices, is especially wild considering that the weapon is often considered to have magical properties. One of the most powerful In the whole Marvel Universe.

Wong teaches students that Magik made the error of “Bringing a sword…to a magic battle.” He also tells his defense students t”You must be prepared for all types of attacks and know which defenses to use.” It’s not about brute force or size. Wong then has the students engage in their warring. One student is quite surprising. Madelyne, also known as the Goblin Queen, fifightsadelyne PrPryorhe has control over Limbo. Not They don’t want her Soulsword malfunctioning while they are fighting! Wong is often overlooked as a sorcerer.

It’s refreshing to see him win the Great Captain of Krakoa, gain respect from his students and Magik herself. While Magik and Wong may be able to cross swords, Wong is not seeing that something is seriously wrong with the student body. Calvin Morse, a shadowy power broker, makes dangerous trades. Hopefully, Wong H’s detective skills will rival his fighting ability, which he has been able to defeat. X-Men One shot at’s Magik Strange Academy #15 Retailers will be notified on January 19.

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