Arctico was originally an Early Access survival game called Eternal Winter. However, it has now been transformed into a relaxing exploration and relaxation game. Eternal Winter required you to kill your huskies, but Arctico allowed you to pet them. If they aren’t fed, they become tired and slow down. Instead of being a brutal game of staring at the hunger meter, Arctico became a cozy game of building an Arctic research center between meditative trips by sled, kayak, or glider.

Andy Kelly, who played the then-current version last year, said that Arctico’s wintry terrain, use of color, and appeal to him was “very appealing.” Although it’s a beautiful game, there are some glitchy, robotic animations. It’s still a fascinating place to explore. You will see the outline of something on the horizon. Ride over with your dogs, and you’ll discover something: The abandoned camp of former explorers. Here, you might find excerpts of their diaries or items to scavenge.

Arctico is available now on Steam Early Access. The latest trailer shows that Arctico will be leaving Early Access in February 2022. The trailer shows activities such as kayak-fishing and plant-growing. It also features star-gazing. There’s even chill sledding on the snow with four huskies, which I’m sure are competent dogs.

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