December 4 is Dragon Age Day (D4, get it?) Like Mass Effect Day on November 7, December 4 is Dragon Age Day (D4, get it?) This day marks when BioWare’s fan community gathers to celebrate, raise funds, and pray for more information about the next BioWare RPG. This year, BioWare’s Dragon Age annual post included two stories about Grey Wardens and necromancers.

“We want to tell you that we are still working hard to create the next Dragon Age experience for single players. We are excited to share more information about our projects next year.

Although the phrase “single-player focused experience” might not sound like much, it supports a report that Dragon Age 4 was being retooled to eliminate its planned live services features. EA started “doubling down” on live services in 2019, as Blake Jorgensen, chief financial officer, stated. There was concern that Dragon Age 4 might be as multiplayer-focused as Anthem. According to reports, EA decided to end all multiplayer components of Dragon Age 4 after Anthem’s failure and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s success.

BioWare’s senior creative director for Dragon Age 4 resigned last month. Matt Goldman has been part of the studio’s team since 1998. He started as an artist on Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate. After Mike Laidlaw’s departure, he assumed the role of creative leader on Dragon Age 4.—gnrez-des-abonns-illimits—gnrez-des-abonns-illimits/c/5vPMeF1NT34–jour-par-les-abonns-tiktok-sans-vrification–jour-par-les-abonns-tiktok-sans-vrification/c/DGE63tMvccI

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