Battlefield 2042 has had a rough week. Yesterday’s leak revealed that a Santa Claus skin was being planned for the next major update amid plummeting player numbers, technical problems, and negative player reviews. It didn’t go down very well, and now EA DICE has confirmed that Santa Claus will not be coming to town. They say they don’t plan to use all of the skins for this holiday.

The Battlefield Bulletin Twitter first announced the planned update. Other images included in the post include reindeer-themed tanks, helicopters, and other images.

The players weren’t happy. One of the most popular Reddit comments summed up the sentiment in the community:

“Dice expects that I can take the game seriously, with literal Santa Claus running around shooting people in a world that has seen billions of refugees, natural disasters have destroyed the planet, and there is about to be an enormous world proxy war. We’re supposed to consider all that with Santa kicking Claus running about on the battlefield.

Others complained that the game tried to imitate Call of Duty. One MrHuk said they lost classes to sell skins to these idiot operators.

Reactions to the skin show two reasons EA DICE isn’t ready for the holiday cheer. The first is the technical issues that still plague the game. Second, the notion that developers are not fixing them, especially skins, doesn’t suit me well.

The Santa skin represents the lighthearted attitude of the game’s players, which they complain is inconsistent with its themes of global conflict and eco-disasters.

EA revealed yesterday that Vince Zampella, Respawn’s co-founder, and Battlefield director, will oversee the expansion of the Battlefield universe and “expand the narrative, storytelling and character development opportunities in Battlefield.” It doesn’t seem prudent to talk about long-term visions when the game is in crisis. But I believe it will not be long before we all know what the internet thinks.—generate-unlimited-robux-no-verification—generate-unlimited-robux-no-verification/c/rHdWhrQNt_4–add-unlimited-robux-without-verification–add-unlimited-robux-without-verification/c/usrJtxvenrM

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