Elden Ring Offering a Few Features to Make Game Easier

For a while, there has been a niche trend within the industry to make video games as difficult as possible. This has continued into modern video games like Dark Souls or the forthcoming Elden Ring. FromSoftware, the studio behind this game, is known for creating challenging titles. Many fans are expecting extreme difficulty with Elden Rings.

The studio is adding features to the game, which should make it more accessible for gamers. Yesterday’s Famitsu x Denegeki TGS2021 stream was translated by DualShockers workers. Yasuhiro, a member FromSoftware, described how the company intends to make the game more accessible for everyone.

Kitao described how features like the ghost horse and different maps are integrated into the game to aid in combat and to instruct players on which objective they should pursue next. To give players more options in combat, FromSoftware also copied elements from previous titles to Eldenring.

Other features include the Demon Souls backstabbing mechanic that can be used to kill one-hit enemies. If gamers want to avoid a frontal assault on a Dungeon, the backstab can be very useful. A stealth mode can be used in Elden rings by gamers to silently take care of their enemies or summon allies to aid them in battle. Fans can also go back to previous dungeons to level up or try again if they find the current dungeon too difficult.

The studio has added a new feature: a larger open-world map that gamers will be able to explore. The Ghost Horse is a great tool for navigating long distances, and it can also help you fight against wild foes. Kitao explained that although these systems can be helpful, it is not an easy experience overall. FromSoftware’s games are difficult to provide a feeling of accomplishment for fans when they defeat a boss demanding or discover something new.

Kitao concludes his segment by thanking the fans for their patience with FromSoftware over the absence of Elden Ring News in recent years. He assures fans that the game’s development has been a success and that the studio is striving to exceed their expectations for the next title.



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