Since more FromSoftware games have been released, Elden Ring’s similarities and differences with other titles have been a big talking point. FromSoftware is well-known for its consistent design template, which runs through many games. It also features similar action-RPG mechanics.

Apart from Sekiro Shadows Die Twice’s a bigger departure, Elden Ring introduces many new features to FromSoftware’s existing repertoire. Hidetaka Mizaki, FromSoftware’s CEO, explained Elden Ring’s new approach to rings versus talismans in a recent interview. The former is more impactful for the story. More information was shared about Torrent, Elden Ring’s ethereal Spirit Steed Mount.

According to EDGE, Miyazaki stated that combat on a spectral steed is not a viable solution for any encounter and was only “another viable strategy.” Torrent offers players a unique way of engaging in combat with mounted strikes and galloping around the area, avoiding direct encounters on foot. Elden Ring’s Closed Network Test also saw mini-bosses and enemies riding horseback, making it easier to engage in such combat.

Knowing that mounted combat is not necessary for every encounter can be a blessing for players who prefer to deal with situations differently. It was not mentioned how interdependent the spectral mount would be in Elden Ring’s open-world exploration. Although Torrent might be an advantage in certain combat situations, the steed seems invaluable for traversing the Lands Between.

Miyazaki explains that Elden Ring emphasises exploration because it was designed to create “mysterious situations” that players would want to explore and hear more about. While previous FromSoftware titles included a lot more exploration, Elden Ring’s open-world may allow for a deeper exploration than was previously possible.

Jumping while mounted on Elden Ring’s Spirit Steed allows players to cover greater distances than if they were walking. Blue boost points, which allow players to jump great heights, make the mount a valuable tool. A mount can be a great option to help accommodate Elden Ring’s verticality, wide-swept open world, and other combat scenarios.—how-to-get-free-coins—how-to-get-free-coins/c/SE9FDwGTDrU

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