Epic finally admits among us that Fortnite is a fake mode

Epic’s new Impotors mode in Fortnite saw players from different teams trying to find out who is the treacherous player. This led to many comparisons with Innersloth’s Among Us and even Innersloth.

Epic has finally confirmed the inspiration via a blog post. This post explains the changes in Fortnite’s latest update and mentions that “v18.20 brings improvements for Impostors, the game mod inspired by Among Us (from Innersloth).”

Epic’s official acknowledgment that Fortnite is following the example of Among Us is the first Epic has done since Impostors launched in August.

Gary Porter, one of the developers at Impostors, commented on the clear copying that was taking place at the time of the initial announcement.

Victoria Tran, Among Us community director, also spoke out about the experience, tweeting: “Like, gameplay mechanics are fine, but they shouldn’t be gatekept. But at least different themes and terminology makes things more exciting.”

Although Epic naming Among Us in the blog post is a positive step in giving credit where credit is due, Fortnite has not yet mentioned Among Us. However, this could change as both the Fortnite and official Among Us twitter accounts were interacting earlier today. The Fortnite account said it had “something for you” to ask Among Us. Are these two accounts simply trying to spark fan engagements or are Fortnite planning a make-good strategy with its smash hit mobile game? It doesn’t matter what, it’s important to know that Fortnite hasn’t claimed to have created Impostors’ deceit game.

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