Every Character Who Can Return In Squid Game’s Season 2 & How

The Squid Game had most of its characters killed in season 1. Will the rest of the cast be back for season 2? Squid Game is a series in which hundreds are indebted and compete for money in death games inspired by playgrounds. It has been Netflix’s most-watched series. SquidGame was the first K-drama to explore the idea of death games. It’s portrayed by a cast of prominent and niche Korean actors, who became almost instantly famous.

Only a few of the cast members remained after the conclusion of Squid Game. Despite the series’ many twists, the interconnected stories of these characters are still unsolved. The final episode answered Game’s most essential questions but left many new questions and mysteries for viewers of survival drama.

Squid Game’s survivors may be in a position in season 2 to solve these mysteries. Who are the remaining characters that could make a comeback in season 2? What does their return mean for the second season of the show?

Squid Game Winner Seong GitHub


Seong Gi-hun, the series’ protagonist, is likely to make a comeback. Seong Gi-hun, the series’ protagonist, is likely to return. There are many theories as to what Gi-hun might have done to bring down Squid Game season 2. This could include infiltrating the games to become a Squid Game worker or the next Squid Game frontman. He may also use his newfound billions as a Squid Game VIP to sneak into the next death game. Gi-hun might even join forces with Hwang Jun-ho (police investigator) to bring down another character for season 2.

Police Investigator Hwang Jun-ho


Hwang Jun-ho was the cop who infiltrated Squid Game and gathered enough evidence to bring down this organization. The question of whether Squid Games’ Junho is still alive was raised by his somewhat ambiguous fall. Jun-ho tried to escape from the island but was held captive by the Front Man, his gang and his goons. Jun-ho is shot in the shoulder by the Front Man, pushing him off the cliff into the water below. This is Jun-ho’s final scene in season 1. Squid Game does not show the Front Man or his henchmen searching for Jun-ho, nor finishing the job. This suggests that he may have survived and that the evidence he gathered about Squid Game could still be used to bring down the authorities. Jun-ho may return to the next season to carry out his plans, possibly with the assistance of Gi-hun.

Squid Game Front Man Hwang In-ho


The show’s finale confirms that the death games are still ongoing and that Squid Game’s Frontman, Jun-ho’s long-lost brother In-ho, is still in control. This could lead to In-ho’s eventual confrontation with Gi-hun or a reunion between Jun-ho & In-ho as they still have issues to resolve with the Front Man. In-ho could also return if SquidGame season 2 examines the past in a period piece. Jun-ho broke into In-ho’s inner circle and found extensive files about Squid Game participants dating back many years. This included the file that identified In-ho the Squid Game-winning player in 2018. SquidGame season 2 provided the answer to In-ho’s question about how he won the games and why he became the Front Man.

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