According to The Verge, Facebook will announce a rebrand next week at its Connect conference. Similar to Google becoming Alphabet, the move is reportedly designed to include all of Facebook’s growing interests. These include Oculus VR and Instagram, as well as WhatsApp.

Whatever it may be, the new name will also include CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s interest in creating a metaverse. CNN reports that the company plans to hire as many as 10,000 people in Europe for this metaverse. In July, Zuckerberg stated to The Verge that he believes the company will “effectively transition from people viewing us primarily as a social media company, to being a metaverse business.”

Although a metaverse could be many things, it is a social space that can be accessed via VR (thanks to Oculus), AR, and the internet. Like many tech innovations, the name is rooted in dystopian fiction. However, it’s becoming a popular buzzword. Epic wants to be involved.

Metaverse aside, it might not be wise to change the name of Facebook, as it isn’t a very healthy brand right now. A shiny new name may be the right thing, considering the scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica and the whistleblower-led expose about the company’s numerous and varied failures in protecting users and society from the harmful effects of its platform.

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