Far Cry 6 Full Trophy List Revealed

Far Cry6 will be released in a few days and is expected to be the most popular first-person shooters. The Trophy list appears to have been leaked even though the game is due for release on October 7. This is great news for those who are keen to find and complete all challenges in-game. Ubisoft’s next open-world action-adventure game looks like there is plenty to do.

Far Cry6 is one highlight of October. It may also be the best gaming months of 2021. There is a lot to be excited about with the game, but even the Trophies/Achievements that appear to have just been revealed build up additional hype for the shooter. If you don’t want certain aspects of the game spoilt, click away now. * Spoilers Following*.

PowerPyx today released the full list of Trophies for Farcry 6. In Far cry 6, there are 54 Trophies (including 2 Gold, 5 silver, and 46 bronze). The list is varied in typical Far Cry 6 fashion. Some are based upon capturing areas while others focus on unlocking or leveling things up. Others are more secretive.

The Bronze Trophies are where the fun is, such as finding roosters and winning a game dominoes. One of the most interesting Trophies in Far cry 6 is one that allows players to pet a Croc. An image has been shown in Farcry 6 that allows players to pet a dog. However, it seems like petting a dangerous Crocodile is something completely different.

  • Yo Soy Dani Rojas-Select Dani’s Look (Sole Campaign Only)
  • Cut Foreign Ties – Recruit the Legends from ’67 and La Moral
  • Montero Justicia — Recruit Monteros
  • Voz del Pueblo – Recruit Maximas Matanzas
  • Ninjerilla – Capture an FND base without being detected (Solo Campaign only).
  • Co-dependent – Collect an FND base and a Coop partner
  • Finders Keepers! 3 FND Resource vehicles returned in mint condition
  • Check It Out – Capture 10 Points (Solo Campaign Only)
  • It’s Raining Treasure – Intercept 10 Military Supplies Drops (Sole Campaign Only)
  • Untying Tradition – Complete Yaran Story “Triada Blessings”.
  • Top of the Pecking Order: Win a Cockfighting Match
  • Speed Racer – Complete 3 Gran Premios
  • Starter’s luck – Win a Dominoes Game
  • Overheated – Perform a Special Operation
  • Alpha Guerrilla: Successfully Complete 5 Bandido Operations
  • Road Rage – Kill a horse with a machete from a vehicle
  • Far Cry – Buy 15 Meals
  • That’s my Jam – 15 USB Sticks
  • It’s puzzling! Unlock 15 Criptograma chests
  • Cry Cry – Collect all 4 Rides
  • Recrooster – Find all Roosters
  • Loyal Army – Recruit 5 Amigos
  • @CanYouPetTheCroc Pet Guapo
  • Strutting His Stuff: Equip Chicharron and the Motherclucker Outfit
  • Secret Weapon – Take 10 soldiers with Chorizo away
  • Heated Conflict – Take out 10 soldiers with active heat
  • Jawson Brody – Take out a shark with an explosive explosion
  • Sophishticated – Catch 10 fish
  • Outdated Tech – Take out a soldier, by sabotaging a alarm
  • Oh No, You Don’t! – Remove 3 Insurgent Leaders
  • Special Forces Soldiers Not so Special?
  • It’s not so hard – Use an EMP device to disable and hijack a tank
  • Ultimate Predator – Hunt all Mythical Animals
  • Slip sliding away – slide 200m at once
  • Hit ‘n run – More than 10 soldiers can be seated in a car during Hit ‘n Run
  • You Didn’t Know That It Was Coming! Security Control Center – To disable all alarms and cameras, use a Security Control Center
  • Death from Above – Kill a soldier at 50m above the ground
  • Toxic Influence: Have you poisoned soldiers to kill five other enemies?
  • Fashionista – Get a complete matching Gear Set
  • Do it Yourself: Install all Mods on a single Resolver Weapon
  • Glamping – Build one Camp Facility for each Campaign (Solo Campaign Only)
  • Furiously Fast – Have 10 parts on a ride
  • Glorious Leader – Reach the rank of Comandante
  • Keep Cool – Completion of any Special Operation with a minimum of 50% temperature reading on the PG-24X
  • Hidden Cash – Find hidden Moneda in any Special Operation
  • Termination Phase – Free 30 hostages in Lola’s Informants Challenges in any Special Operation

Silver Trophies

Two of the Silver Trophies are just like the Bronze Trophies and require solo play. Far Cry6 allows co-op but Achievement and Trophy hunters must play the game alone in order to complete all tasks. There are five total Silver Trophies. The Silver Trophies are a little more difficult and/or time-consuming than the others, but that is not unusual.

  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Find your way to Miami
  • Friendly Skies – Blow up 16 Anti Air Cannons (Sole Campaign Only)
  • Armada to the Teeth – Collect 49 Unusual Weapons
  • Hogar Dulce Hogar: Fully upgrade one Camp Facility in any Guerrilla Camp (Sole Campaign only)
  • Backpacking – Aquire every Supremo in Yara


Gold and platinum Trophies

Far cry 6 has only two Gold Trophies. The largest may simply be defeating the villain in Far Cry and beating the game, if it’s being properly analyzed. A satisfying Trophy will be earned if you capture every FND base in solo mode. The Platinum Trophy will be unlocked if you complete every Trophy.

  • Viva La Revalucion – Take back Yara
  • Liberty – Capture all FND bases (Sole Campaign Only)
  • Conquistador – Unlock all Trophies

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