Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits Location: How to Obtain and Uses

Far Cry 6’s Industry Circuits is one of the game’s rarer crafting resources. They are required if you want to acquire several rank-four attachments, both for regular and resolver weapons. Although you might not be aware of them immediately, you will want to find out if there is a set area where they magically sprout or how you get them.

Far Cry 6’s Industrial Circuits don’t have to be located in a specific area, but Dani can still get them from a variety of activities while they fight for Yara’s liberation.

Ambushes are one source of Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits. They are marked on the map by a red rhombus icon with a white pistol inside. This involves helping the guerillas fight Castillo’s soldiers in order to secure a supply. They are best approached by sneaking upon them, but it is possible to go in loud. Once the coast is clear, you should go after the supply drops.

While not all Ambushes will reward Industrial Circuits (not all), hovering over the map icons will bring up a tooltip that lists the items you get by completing them. This allows you to target the ones that give the rare crafting resource. Talking to guerillas in Yara with a white question mark icon over their heads will unlock Ambushes.

You can also trade alpha animal meat at Juan’s Dealers and Workbenches to get Industrial Circuits in far cry 6. You can find hunting spots for alpha animals by wandering around them. If you haven’t built one in your main camp, you can purchase brochures from Hunting Lodges. To ensure that the meat isn’t damaged, use a bow.

You can also obtain Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6 by purchasing them in the Black Market via Lola, an NPC located in the home camps that allow you to access Special Operations. You’ll see that Lola only trades in Moneda currency, which is the currency earned by performing Special Operations or other activities related to the Insurgency mode post-game.

These three methods will help you increase your Far Cry6 Industrial Circuits count. This will allow you to unlock the most powerful weapon modifications in the game. Here’s more information about the title: Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft Connect Rewards.

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