“Far Cry 6” Teases A Battle Royale Mode

If this mysterious video is hinting at a multiplayer mode, it’s possible Far Cry6 will get a battle royale.

Although the world of Yara is stunning with its vibrant wildlife and beautiful scenery, Julian Benson felt it was a poor stage for what Far cry 6 could have been. He concluded that Far Cry 6 is not only lacking in its premise, but also a poorer version of what Far Cry has done in the past. Most critics agree that there needs to be changes in the series’ formula.

This trailer shows that something could be either a battle royale, or a gritty survival mode. If you scan the QR code attached to the wooden crates at Cortina Weather station, this video will pop up. There are many QR codes scattered across Yara, with Easter eggs for those who want to find them.

If you have seen Loki from Disney+ you will agree that the smiley sentient revolver chamber character is very similar to Miss Minutes. We are not sure what the video is suggesting because it has been “corrupted”. Initially, the map shows what appears to be a temple with trees surrounding it and three red arrows leading towards it. The map then shows counters that show animals such as bears, deer, and big cats.

The video fades to show an image showing a man being attacked by a large cat in armour. The map is obscured by a splatter, which we can see after the attack.

Far Cry 6 didn’t get an Arcade or a map editor as its predecessors. Ubisoft wanted “to transport players into the heart and soul of a modern-dayguerrilla revolution.” This new mode could subsume the spot and allow players to challenge their skills against savage animals, converging in a single spot, as they face threats from other players. We are not yet aware of all details, but we will keep you updated once we do.


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