Far Cry 6’s Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg is Leading Players to Their Death

Far Cry 6 contains Easter eggs for other Ubisoft games. Far Cry 3 is strongly mentioned at the end. There are references to Pagan Min, Kyrat, Far Cry 4, and even one of Far Cry 5 bliss plants in an FC6 mission. Assassin’s Creed is a different franchise that leads players to their deaths.
Assassin’s Creed has been around for a while, as many people know. The franchise’s first game, Valhalla was released in 2007. It was the last entry to the series. There have been some changes in tone and style, but there are still some elements that remain the same. The Leap of Faith, which sees the Assassin flip, dive and land safely in a pile of hay, is a symbol of the franchise.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla teaches Eivor how it works from Hytham. However, no one teaches Far Cry 6’s Dani Rojas. Players can still find themselves on a ledge beneath a pile of Hay, and an eagle’s screech can be heard behind them. This is a strong signal for Assassin’s Creed players and a signal that they should perform the Leap of Faith. However, it is for Dani Rojas players who are doing it to their death.

There are many clips online. The first one was from Kotaku. However, they all end in the same way. Far Cry 6 doesn’t have a Leap of Faith, Dani Rojas isn’t an Assassin. Ubisoft could have made this work with all the Easter eggs, but it’s much more fun that it doesn’t.

Far Cry 6 fans were clearly enthused by this. Many joked about it, citing Star Wars’ “it’s not a trap” quote and joking about the “faith” in this Leap of Faith being misplaced. Some others pointed it out as a missed chance for a Far Cry 6 trophy/achievement. Suggestion names were “Splat!” and “Requiescat In Pace.”

It doesn’t matter what, other players should be aware of it. Far Cry 6’s Leap of Faith ends in death. But for many, it can be a very attractive moment.

Far Cry is Ubisoft’s most beloved open-world franchise. Since the original Far Cry, a plot-driven sandbox series that was released 17 years ago, few significant changes have been made. Far Cry 3 was the pivotal moment in Ubisoft’s history. Far Cry 3 was the pivotal moment in Ubisoft’s history.

Many critics and fans feel that Ubisoft’s open world games are becoming too formulaic despite their huge commercial success. They believe a real revolution is required to revive these franchises. Far Cry 6 is a good example of what works. However, the numbers and reviews seem to show that it still sells well. While players might not be expecting a dramatic change, others may argue that the series’ success does not justify such drastic changes.

Far Cry may have its flaws, but there are arguments to reform Far Cry’s core gameplay mechanics. However, the Ubisoft formula is still very effective at creating interactive environments that are rich in things to do and secrets to discover. Every year, Ubisoft releases are eagerly awaited by countless players. While the game’s rich collection of icons, collectibles and waypoints can break immersion, Far Cry games are still a believable experience that makes players feel like they are part of the real world.

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