Battlefield 2042’s Proximity sensor throwables can be used as assist machines. They can be hacked like an MLB outfielder and continuously spot enemy players for half an hour. My best-placed Prox Sensors filled choke points with red dots in Breakthrough, helping our airborne gunners and adding to my score with spotting aids. You get two of these things. In 40 hours of gaming, Evan Lahti, PC Gamer’s global editor-in-chief, accumulated 2,164 spotting aids.

Old Father Balance won’t be having it anymore. The final Battlefield 2042 patch will lower Prox Sensor carrying capacities to one, reduce the spotting radius to 30m and lower active time from 30 seconds to fourteen seconds. This is a drastic change, and I wonder if it’s an error. However, we will see how it plays this Thursday, December 9th.

This patch will make ground vehicles less effective against infantry and make assault rifles and infantry weapons more precise.

The patch will make ground vehicles safer by making the 40mm, 30mm and 57mm cannons less dangerous. Miniguns and machine guns usually found in the driver’s or gunner’s seats, such as hovercraft’s side guns, will not be affected by the patch. More giant cannons can be chosen on the MAV and Bolte vehicles, as well as Wildcat. This previously nerfed hovercraft will also get an anti-infantry update, including reducing the blast damage from its GPL Grenade Launcher to 40mm. My excellent aim was the reason I had such good results with that grenade rocketer.

LMGs should become easier to control once the patch is applied. SMGs will be more precise when firing from the hip “to make them stand out from other automated weapon archetypes.” “Most weapons” will remain accurate for more extended periods when the trigger is held down. The “recoil control of all weapons” was further refined, not covered.

These changes are in response to dramatic reductions in bullet spreading made in the two previous patches. Particularly assault rifles were inaccurate at the launch of Battlefield 2042. DICE seems to have changed every knob so that bullets are more likely to land where they’re supposed. Parachuting, I made some SVK kills that I don’t think were possible at launch. It wasn’t enjoyable for those I was smitten from above, but it was fun for me.

Update #3.1 will be released at midnight Pacific on Thursday (3:00 EST, 8: GMT). No downtime is expected. I was still playing the last patch, so I could finish the game, close the app, and download the Steam update. Then, I could jump back into the game with the changes.

DICE says there won’t be another Battlefield 2042 update until next year. The developers will be taking a break at the end of December and “return in 2015 with fresh eyes ready for the road to Season One.” Season One will feature a new operator (who will cost money), premium battle passes and other new stuff. According to GameSpot, Exposure will be a new map. DICE has not yet revealed any information about the map, so we don’t know when Season One will begin.–gold-bars-generator-2022–moves-in-candy-crush–gold-bars-2022

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