Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’s initial post-expansion patch was released today. It added a new raid for eight players and made various adjustments and tweaks. While I was looking through the patch notes, I discovered something that I didn’t expect: Square Enix had fixed the goddamn grapes.

If you didn’t see it, Final Fantasy 14 became briefly obsessed with the low-poly grapes in Labyrinthos. This expansion’s new zone is available for you to visit. Some people thought the grapes were a terrible thing, while others (including Tyler Colp), thought they were amazing. Tyler is my friend. They were gorgeous, unique and blocky bunches of polygons.

The memes and tweets seem to have been enough to get Square Enix’s attention. However, the new patch has made them much more chunky. Although they aren’t quite as detailed as the famous 1.0 flowerpot, the sight of them isn’t nearly as disorienting. Although the patch notes make bold claims about the low-poly grapes being an issue, they claim they were reduced “in excess to reduce system memory usage in this area.” I believe there is a good chance that they would not have changed if they hadn’t become a joke in the community.

Twitter and Reddit are mourning their lost roughness. This just goes to show how easily players can attach to the most ridiculous things, even those they have spent the past two weeks taking the piss off of. They’re really sad, but I will always remember them.

Patch 6.01 also has some significant changes. Solo duty ‘In from the Cold” has its Easy and Very Easy difficulties adjusted following frustrations with the quest’s structure. This makes it easier to find certain items. A new raid Pandaemonium, eight players, brings item level 580 armor. An issue that caused the game to stop working completely has also been fixed. The level of experience gained from dungeons 81-89 has been increased. NPCs will no longer randomly float while accompanying you on quests.–7chw-Fb2Z—add-unlimited-gems—add-unlimited-gems/c/zaNMzcI-ZSE

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