Final Fantasy 14 is experiencing a golden period. Players are basking in Endwalker’s glory, and it has been a hugely popular game all year. This has led to severe server problems, and many people were either stuck in queues or simply unable, especially after Endwalker’s launch.

Square Enix isn’t the first to try this tactic. It has temporarily removed Final Fantasy 14’s starter edition and complete editions from sales. It is also trying to suspend the delivery of physical editions.

The game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, writes that players are experiencing long wait times because of the high number of play hours. This is especially true during peak times. Therefore, we have temporarily suspended the sale and delivery of FINAL FANTASY IV Starter Edition and Complete Edition. “Also, while active subscribers are preferred to log on, Free Trial users are not able to log into the game after midnight and early morning. Therefore, we will temporarily suspend all new registrations for our Free Trial.”

Good news is also available: Developers have found the root cause of Error 2002 and have “confirmed a bug.” Guess who’s at fault? “This bug was part a login-related software that was created in FFXIV version 1.0.” It’s version 1.0! Patch 6.01 will fix the problem, which is due Tuesday 21 December.

Yoshida also announced compensation for players affected by the current technical problems. “We are sorry for the long wait times for the game to be logged into, which is preventing players from playing the game. We have granted 7 days of gameplay, and now we will grant an additional 14 days.–simcash-2022–simcash–simoleons-in-sims-mobile-2022–fashiongem-generator-working-2022–resources-generator-new-updated-2022–fashiongems-hack-no-survey-2022–gems-generator-working—add-unlimited-points—add-unlimited-points/c/dLuOsGWaOdE

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