Final Fantasy 14 surpasses 24 million players, making it the most profitable FF game.

Naoki Yoshida is the director of Final Fantasy 14. He spoke at a digital press conference and revealed that the hugely popular MMO has recently exceeded 24 million players, making it the most profitable title in its franchise.

Final Fantasy 14 was originally released eleven years ago. Final Fantasy 14 had approximately 4 million registered players in 2015. With the release of Stormblood, Final Fantasy 14’s third major expansion, the registered player count had reached 10 million. The number doubled over the next four years.

Yoshida spoke out about Final Fantasy 14’s difficult launch. “You all know how hard it was for us with the original Final Fantasy 14.” We have been able to transform Final Fantasy 14 into a title that contributes significantly to our company’s profits.

Yoshida stated that Final Fantasy 14 was the most profitable Final Fantasy title. We will continue to invest as much as possible to make this game a great experience for our players.

Final Fantasy 14 has a fanbase that isn’t just enormous, but deeply enthusiastic, with word-of-mouth being one of the main ways it has reached such high numbers. While the Endwalkers expansion is meant to conclude various long-running story threads, there doesn’t seem to be any signs of Square Enix slowing down the game’s continued development and support.


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