The HD pixel remake of Final Fantasy 2 in February 2022 is arguably the most important Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy 6 was revealed at E3 alongside the other five games in the Pixel Remaster Collection. Those have been released, with Final Fantasy 5 coming last November 10. Even though Square Enix doesn’t know how to choose a font for its old-school entries, these look good.

Final Fantasy 6 was the big one that I’ve been waiting for. It’s my favorite of all the pre-3D Final Fantasy games and ranks among my top three favorites of the series. It’s been worrying about the pixel master making it an ugly mess since its amazing audio, and visual design is so important to its appeal. Square Enix seems to be cautious about treating one of its most loved entries, as it stated in a Steam post that it needed “necessary” time to finish the game’s development and apply final polish.

Square Enix also announced a few extra goodies for those who pre-purchased the bundle or game. These are just extra wallpapers and songs, but it’s still a freebie. Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster will not be reviewed the same way as the other remasters.—how-to-get-free-coins—how-to-get-free-coins/c/q_NmhQPVhSo

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