Final Fantasy Racing Game Chocobo GP Coming to Switch Next Year

Every Nintendo Direct has its fair share of surprises. Surprise announcements about games in development are common, as well as surprise game releases like Castlevania Advance Collection today. The latest Direct featured Chocobo GP, a new racing title starring Chocobo and a few friends from other Final Fantasy games.

FF is a popular gaming franchise. The Chocobos, Moogles, and other characters from the series are still very much in demand. They were the mascots of the RPGs. For the past few years, the yellow birds have been the subject of special solo spin-offs that featured a smaller, more adorable critter. It seems that the bird is back after the Chocobo trademark was filed last year.

Chocobo GP, a racing game that features many Final Fantasy characters, enters a special racing tourney in which they can get “anything they wish” and wins a prize. The only requirement to participate in the race is that the chosen mode of transport must have wheels. So the nameake bird rides on roller skates. As they race for victory, FF cast members ride in many different modes of transportation with the critter.

Racers can use “Magicite”, which is an item that allows them to cast various Final Fantasy spells like Aero. The stronger the spell, the more Magicite a player collects. This is done by going through FF’s normal three-stage spell upgrade process. The trailers share many tracks, including The Gold Saucer and Cid’s Test Track from Final Fantasy 9 .

Chocobo GP is a fun and cute racing game that fans can play with their friends or alone. This title may be the Final Fantasy fan’s dream come true. There are potential improvements and even DLC.

Although it may look cute and fun, it is not going to stand out against similar titles like Mario Kart 8 . There have been many kart racers who have tried to make an impact on the market. Not too many have succeeded. Although the gameplay seems promising, Chocobo GP will have to wait until 2022.


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