Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Pipe Cleaner Doll Is Very Accurate

One Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made a terrifying copy of Withered Bonnie with only pipe cleaners. Although the survival horror series was first released in 2014, it continues to be scary for players eight years later. The latest installment, Security Breach, brought players back to Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, but it didn’t quite reach the same level as the first two.

Five Nights At Freddy’s sees players take on the night watch security guard role. The security guard must keep Bonnie safe throughout the night. Bonnie, a rabbit character, is adorable and cuddly from the outside. He is dressed in a guitar, purple-colored fur, and a red bow tie to make him more approachable. Withered Bonnie is introduced in the sequel. Withered Bonnie, a frightening animatronic, was supposedly taken from the original Five nights at Freddy’slocation Freddy Fazabear’s Mega Pizzaplex. However, it is only intended to be used for parts. This Bonnie will still walk around the site at night and attack any player. Other games include Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted, where players fix the pizzeria.

CrispyFrenchFry – shared their Withered Bonnie creation on Reddit. The only thing they used to make the character were pipe cleaners. The pipe cleaner Withered Bonnie has two rows of teeth. Wires are hanging from the skull’s top and left arm. Fur is missing from his right skull’s left hand. These details look precisely like the Five Nights At Freddy’s character. The buttons and red bow tie were evenFreddy’so his chests. It is impressive how accurate the pipe cleaner doll is.

Although the original poster didn’t mention the time it took to make the doll, another one didn’tshared by them showed that the doll was posable and sturdy. There are also many other pipe cleaner artwork posted on other subreddits. Fans come up with unique creations, such as this exact copy of the Five nights at Freddy’sFazwatch. It is incredible to add the same Freddy’sFazwatchto this pipe cleaner, Bonnie.

The lasting impression of this horror movie is evident with the new Five Nights at Freddy’sgame and the possibility of a movie. Tonight’s fFreddy’sgamel be remembered in many ways by fans, but let’s hope that these animatronics are never brought to let’s

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