Five Nights At Freddy’s is a series of horror games with the best lore. The game isn’t scary at first, but you’ll find yourself in that abandoned pizzeria, beg for another night. After playing through the previous title, it can take players several months to find the strength to purchase the next one. Players’ enthusiasm for the franchise has blossomed again after releasing the Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Security Breach is a completely new title, although the first game was released in 2014 and the subsequent ten games. Instead of the familiar cast of sentient animatronics, new faces and older ones appear. We miss you. A ‘GlamRock” makeover has opened up a whole new world of Fazbear. No more patrolling in one room with a map and security cameras. We are grateful for the 80GB title. Now we have to confront the things that scared us initially, but it’s now nightmare material.

Let’s all go together (I don’t want to go solo into this) and discover the pizzeria after hours. Do you never know? You might be lucky enough to make it through the night alive,

TABLE OF CONTENTS1) The Story: You can’t hide forever1.2) Frustration at Fazbear’s1.2). A variety of vagabonds2.2). A butterfly effect ending3) Audio & Graphics: A nightmare coming to life3.1) Five Nights at Freddy’s Five Nights of Fear3.2.

STORY: You Can’t Hide Forever

Gregory, a young boy, is a frequent visitor to the Fazbear Pizzeria. When Freddy, his favourite animatronic, falls on stage during a show’s performance, Gregory sees an opportunity to crawl into an open space in his chest. He is unaware that he has been trapped in the pizzeria’s wall and cannot escape.

When you’re a kid and are confronted with ten-foot bloodthirsty animatronics, you don’t feel safe in one place. Some of the tasks in Security Breach are just as frightening today as they were when Gregory was his age. It’s hard to believe that he could even comprehend half of the tasks given throughout the game. It’s hard to believe that he will make it alive. Gregory’s humour is quite amusing. He is a funny older man, but he has a few great lines. You feel more attached to him because they break up the tension between the characters. This is true for all cast members. As the game progresses, you become more familiar with them and learn more about them. However, certain faces will be missed.


The most frustrating aspect of the story is how many questions are left unanswered. Although we are introduced to many new characters, we never learn why. We are introduced to Vanny, whom we make assumptions about, and Bonnie and Foxy’s disappearance. They have merch throughout the game and even locations named after their names. Their backstories are not explored. You would expect some speculation from a franchise with so much lore.


Security Breach has a lot of nods to old titles, which is something that should be appreciated. Even though I had a basic knowledge of the franchise and some experience with the first few games in the series, there were likely to be hidden easter eggs. Even if the plushie is discarded on the basement shelf, you will find references to other characters and titles within the map. A lot of nostalgia and memories would be a great way to enhance the experience for a dedicated FNAF user.

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