Five Wrestlers Who Might Win The AEW Championship Eliminator Competition

AEW has confirmed that the AEW Championship Eliminator tournament will be returning in time for the Full Gear pay-per view in November. Two former rivals and friends, Adam Page and Kenny Omega, delivered an impressive opening match last year to determine who will challenge Jon Moxley. This match was won by Omega.

The AEW roster still has ‘The Cleaner,’ so this year’s tournament will present a slew of new competitors that could challenge the champion or take on whoever wins Full Gear. It is difficult to narrow down the AEW roster to only five because there are so many talented people who have a claim on the main event scene.

These are the people who might be walking away with the AEW Championship Eliminator tournament under their belt.

After his return to professional wrestling, CM Punk now stands at 3-0. He has defeated Darby Allin and Powerhouse Hobbs, as well as Daniel Garcia. Punk is a firebrand and is a certain bet to challenge for the AEW Championship. Punk may not consider himself ready and ready to compete at that level, but the fans are eager to see him in the championship photo, alongside a host of other big debutants.

Punk is a big draw for the company. He has yet to create a rivalry in Full Gear. This makes him an easy choice for the Eliminator tournament. This would allow Punk the opportunity to play against some of AEW’s brightest and best, as well as give the fans a babyface run they can truly support.

CM Punk vs Kenny Omega Bryan Danielson or Adam Page to win the AEW Championship would be a major deal for AEW and give them a lot of momentum as they trundle into 2020 on a high.

Adam Cole (BayBay!), another sure-fire main-event star of AEW, is Adam Cole. .

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Cole’s return to independent wrestling since All Out’s final minutes. We have seen that Adam Cole may be losing his place in the Elite. Kenny Omega is still the leader of the group and reaps all the benefits. Cole is a star far greater than that, and is well deserving to be part of the next AEW Championship. Cole could win the Eliminator tournament and be a great step towards that goal.

If either Bryan Danielson, Adam Page or both defeat Omega at Full Gear it is natural that The Elite will try to insert one of their own in the position of a contender to reclaim the belt. Kenny Omega, who was defeated by AEW, would need to fight for his place at the top, which would leave Adam Cole free to take control of the show.

Adam Cole versus any of the two aforementioned stars would make an incredible match on AEW soil. Let’s make it happen.

Miro’s run to the TNT Championship should get a lot more credit that it is currently receiving. Miro is one of the most prominent stars in today’s wrestling, I thought as I sat and watched the All Out openings. It’s all there: the physique, the entrance music and the attire. The charisma is incredible. WWE should not have wasted that. AEW should not let this pass to waste, now that Sammy Guevara has the TNT title. They need to keep running with that ball.

Miro will likely be featured in brackets for Eliminator tournament. Whether he makes it to Full Gear is up to debate, but I personally would love to see Miro go all the way. Miro’s track record makes her a danger to all the AEW stars, even the larger hosses. He should be able to steamroll through the competition, and he should present himself as a boss-like entity in the Finals at Full Gear.

Even better, let him do the whole thing. It would be a great story to have Page or Danielson walking into the Dynamite as AEW Champions, and then having a vengeful, god driven Miro as their first obstacle.

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