Flux Trailer Features Weeping Angels, Sontarans & More In Doctor Who

This new comedy makes the PlayStation 1 era more nostalgic. It turns Game of Thrones’ final season into an adventure game for the PS1. This video is an exception to the rule. Content creators are more likely to look to modern video games than TV shows for inspiration when creating content.
The iconic bath scene from The Witcher 3 is one of the most well-known demakes. It was recreated using authentic PS1 visuals. This cutscene from the RPG was already a well-known meme. However, legacy graphics made it even more fun. The video was loved for its clunky animations, large pixels, and unexpected Gwent, the card game, among other reasons.

Redditor alundbjork’s talented transformation on the PS1 reimagines King’s Landing’s final siege from Game of Thrones as a legacy game. This fake gameplay video shows the adventure game mechanics that feature a random guard as a protagonist. The hero escapes death by the dragon’s fire breath and makes his way to a ballista Tower. A nearby NPC laments his fate while the guard fires several times at Daenerys’ dragon. Drogon and all its talking defenders destroy the ballista tower after Drogon restores the creature’s health. Enjoy the video’s humorous commentary by the NPC and the PS1 aesthetics that make it enjoyable to watch.

Fans make not all PS1 demakes. Remedy Entertainment released a PS1 demake in April of Control. It also shared a gameplay teaser that showed how the action-adventure game was reconstructed in the past. It looked like a 1990s game visually, but the demake maintained Control’s modern gameplay. It makes one wonder how the game industry would look if Control released a game that was as fluid and quick-paced in the 1990s.

It’s hilarious how the last stages of The Game of Thrones are made more enjoyable by a silly PlayStation 1 reimagining. The video, which is exaggerated, hilariously highlights some plot holes in the show, such as the part where King’s Landing’s defenses are seemingly absent during the siege. This scene and the hilarious commentary feel appropriate for a project such as this. It might even leave some fans wanting a complete retro Game of Thrones experience.

One fan requested that Insomniac include a character face based on Activision’s PlayStation 1 Spider-Man game. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales offered unlockable alternate costumes based on Miles and Peter’s storied histories of being web-slinging criminal fighters. This allowed fans to choose their favorite Spidey from various movies, comics, and cartoons.

Insomniac has received suggestions from players about alternative Spidey suits. The most popular request was for the Black Symbiote costume Spidey wore in the 1980s. This costume would be later bonded to Venom when Peter rejected the alien’s influence. The Superior Spider-Man costume by Otto Octavius and Andrew Garfield’s suit in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are two other options. One long-standing fan recommends a classic Spidey’s gaming history for his next interactive adventure.

Reddit user ShotDinner1847 requested that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 use the suit from 2000’s Spider-Man PS1 on r/SpidermanPS4. He even posted a low-poly version of the suit to compare it to the Advanced Suit in the first Marvel Spider-Man. This caused a small debate in the comments section as fans were unable to agree on the matter. The original Spider-Man game, and the sequel Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro, featured Spidey in various costumes, with or without the Wall-Crawlers’ signature black webbing.

Spider-Man for PlayStation 1 was developed by Neversoft, the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater studio. It was released just a few short years before Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie. Players were given the task of saving the world and preventing Dr. Octopus from infecting the planet with Symbiotes. Spider-Man was highly praised for its graphics, web-slinging gameplay and clever writing. It also featured Stan Lee as the narrator. The game would be followed by a PS1 sequel next year and two Game Boy Color spin-offs. It would influence every 3D Spider-Man title that came after it, including Insomniac’s highly-acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man and its sequels.

Insomniac would be proud to feature a low-polygon Spidey in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to pay tribute to the game. This is especially true considering that many alternate costumes from Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles Morales had different art styles to suit the Web Warriors. Fans will have plenty of options for stylish Spidey outfits when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hits the PlayStation 5 in 2023.

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