Fortnite: How To Get The Blizzabelle Skin For Free

Winterfest is also underway. Fortnite players are currently spoiled for choice, especially since many are still getting used to Chapter 3. In addition to tons of Winterfest content, players can also get a free Blizzabelle Skin.

For Blizzabelle to be claimed for free, players must log in to Epic Games Store on their PC and install Fortnite. The offer will appear after 4 PM GMT/11 AM ET/ 8 AMPT on December 16, 2021, In-game from Item Shop.

Download the EGS Launcher. You can also create or connect Epic Games accounts while you are there. If you wish to use the Blizzabelle skin in all Fortnite versions, you will need to connect the same account you used on another platform to your PC.

You don’t have to play Fortnite on your computer to receive this offer. You can claim the skin and all of Winterfest for free up to January 6, 2022.

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