Fortnite: Ranger Assault Chapter 3: Rifle Stats & Location

The Ranger Assault Rifle was the first weapon to be added in Fortnite Chapter 3.

The Ranger Assault Rifle can be purchased from Common up to Legendary rareties.

This article will cover everything you need about the Ranger Assault Rifle Fortnite. Its stats, uses, and where to find it are all included.

“Made for distance! The Ranger Assault Rifle can be used at medium range .”, but is quite strong at long rangeem>

These tables show the differences between the Legendary and Common versions of the Ranger Assault Rifle.

The Ranger Assault Rifle for Fortnite is a standard AR. It’s meant to replace the old AR that’s been around forever, but also has a little inspiration from the AK. Although it shoots slightly slower, it has decent bloom and easy recoil control.

The Ranger Assault Rifle’s rarity determines the range, damage, DPS and reload times.

Ranger Assault Rifle Location

The Ranger Assault Rifle can be found everywhere loot normally spawns as a standard loot pool item.

The Ranger Assault Rifle is available in chests, on floors, in air drops and almost everywhere else.

It is more difficult to find a specific Ranger Assault Rifle if it is rarer than the others. If you don’t wish to spend your time searching, upgrade to a higher rarity version.

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