Fortnite: The End Event– Start Date, Time and What You Need to Know

Fortnite has been officially declared as Chapter 2’s end real-time event. Epic has shown that they don’t mind rewriting the rules to surprise and delight even the most hardened fans in the past. The introduction of cars and massive POI destruction brought about Chapter 2. But what are we to expect from this event?

This chapter explains everything about The End Event in Fortnite.

When and at what date will the End begin?

Epic Games has confirmed that Chapter 2 will end on December 4, 2021, with an immersive in-game event called The End. The timings will vary depending on where you are located.

– EAST (New York): 4:00 PM
– PST (LA, Vancouver): 1 PM
– GMT London: 9 PM
– CET (Paris, Rome): 10 PM
– AEDT, Sydney: 11 PM

If your timezone is not listed, you can use the timezone converter.

After the countdown has begun, click on the event you want to join and choose from the playlist. After the countdown ends, you will be placed in a lobby. Here you can play team-rumble while you wait. The lobby countdown will end, and you will be stripped of your weapons.

An End is an exclusive event that will not be repeated. You will have to catch up on YouTube if you miss it.

What will happen during the End Event?

Epic, as usual, has kept the details of the event pretty secretive. Epic has told players that they will have to “take on The Cube Queen” to save the Island. So be prepared for combat and plenty of storylines. Players can expect an immersive experience similar to Season 7’s Sky Fire ending alien epic Sky Fire or Travis Scott’s concert.

Our name might suggest that we are also preparing for downtime. Fortnite players will still recall the Black Hole event in Chapter 1, where Epic shut down all servers for three days to allow the new update to take effect.

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