For nine years, the Horizon series was a top-selling Xbox game. This year, Playground Games will release their fifth installment. A classic arcade racer that shows how much the studio can do and how hard it takes to bring such a great game to market. Playground Games has more than 10 years experience and this year delivers everything that fans have asked for. This is the ultimate gearhead’s dream!

Forza Horizon 5 can be purchased for $60 for Xbox One/Series or Steam users. For a higher price, those who want access to the post-launch content may consider purchasing the premium edition or the deluxe edition .


Forza doesn’t just involve earning credits and purchasing cars, but also about having fun. It’s all about creating memories and enjoying the moment. Anyone who played the previous titles will know that the Horizon franchise doesn’t have a story. However, this title isn’t as simple as the others. The Horizon concept is the same: freedom!

To begin, the game guides you through various events and you develop brief relationships with characters in-game. The progression isn’t based on characters or a dramatic plot. You can choose how and when you want to move forward. You’ll also find many exciting opportunities such as visiting new festivals or searching for these amazing barn finds. Also, don’t expect anything in-depth. Through your exploration of Mexico, you are the one who creates the plot. You can choose to play online games, circuit racing or drift. It is similar to the previous titles.

Guadalajara, Guadalajara: The Hoonigans

The difference between the previous title and this one is the increased drama and action in the races and outside of the races. You not only compete against other cars but also with planes, trains and all the rest. This drama is a result of the entire world and how it is laid out, as opposed to Forza Horizon3 which was flat and uninteresting. Horizon Mexico has extreme elevation changes, severe weather, and difficult terrain. Forza Horizon‘s story is not more complex than that, but I can guarantee you’ll have fun while playing!


We seem to drift further away from the original concept of a music festival with fast cars for every Horizon title released on the Xbox marketplace. The music festival was once a place for intense racing among its members. It is now a sandbox that allows fast cars to play. It doesn’t seem as if it has the same focus on being an excellent music festival, where you start at the bottom and grow in popularity, eventually becoming a champion.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. The driving experience is what matters most. You’ll find excitement driving your favorite cars as soon as you start the game. The driving experience and the beautiful Mexican map make for a great racing game.

Horizon 5 perfectly implements Mexican culture

Forza Horizon is very easy to use. Even those with no racing experience can play it. The current physics model and the ability to maneuver vehicles have not been updated. This is a shame because it is suitable for all players, regardless of their experience.

For beginners, the assist system may also be useful. It’s basically the same as before, but it’s more precise because the vehicles are customizable. The tyre smoke is thicker and more consistent. We’ll get to that later. Overall, I feel that there has been more emphasis on quality than quantity. This is why the car list is smaller.


You can explore many different biomes on the map. You can easily enter any biome within 5 minutes. You can change from tropical to desert or snow to desert. It’s a game that allows you to choose where you want to spend your time in Mexico. These biomes represent the vast Mexican land, yet feel familiar. It feels like a mix of maps from different games. All the beauty is in one place.

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