Free PS Plus Game Possibly Predicted For December 2021

Looking at past trends, Playstation plus Subscribers believe Heavenly Bodies is the next PS5 game that will be available as a free download for subscribers on December 7. Playstation owners can become subscribers to Playstation Plus, which offers discounts and free games every month. There are a variety of games available, from AAA titles that were released months ago at full-price to brilliant indie gems. Online play is possible with other players around the world.

Since the launch of the Playstation 5, Sony offers Playstation Plus subscribers three free games per month. With a few exceptions, the games are compatible with both PS4 systems and PS5 systems. PS5 owners have received extra bonuses. Gamers who are unable to purchase the hard to obtain Playstation 5 will be able to access this strategy. Sony will continue to provide Playstation 4 owners with games free of charge for as long as it can, so that more PS5’s are available. However, they will eventually stop providing free games for older generation Playstations.

As Gamer pointed out, Sony releases monthly free games every Tuesday. Sony has the opportunity to highlight new indie games and offers them as a complimentary download to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Game Rant discovered that only one indie game was available by looking at the December 7th release schedules. Heavenly Bodies is the PS Plus’s indie free game for December. It is the only one currently scheduled to be released on Tuesday, December 5.

PS Plus members will be able to play outstanding titles such as Battlefield 5 and Mortal Kombat X. PlayStation 4 owners were surprised to receive three PS4 games, two of which supported an upgraded PS5 experience, and three additional games for Playstation VR. PlayStation seems to be offering more games as the holiday season nears.

With Playstation plus sales on Black Friday expected, players will have the opportunity to play Heavenlybodies with a friend as well as the hundreds of dollars worth games that Playstation will provide for the next year. This is a good indication of the type of games Playstation will add to the service.

Subscription services are really taking off in the PS4/Xbox One generation. The two major publishers have been consistently adding value to their offerings. PS Plus and Xbox Live are essential parts of owning a console right now and will be even more important for the next generation.

Microsoft continues to double its Game Pass service and integrates it with Xbox Live to offer a rich library of titles to players. Sony has increased its PS Plus offerings.

The launch of the PS5 as well as the Xbox One will make subscription services more important than ever. Both companies are trying to attract new players with the new consoles. How Sony can improve PS Plus for PS5.

Integrate PS Plus Now


Sony has the obvious ability to combine PlayStation Now and PS Plus into one service. Microsoft already does something similar with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Sony may be able to get an advantage on that. PlayStation Now enabled on PS5 will give gamers a huge library of games to stream straight away. Having more value at launch is always a good thing. It would be difficult to determine how many games will be offered for free on PS Now. But it is possible.

If PS Now is to be made available to a wider audience, the streaming technology would need to be improved. If there are no PS5 exclusives, then giving owners of the PS5 access to tens or more games from previous systems could fill in any gaps.

Sony Should Increase Subscription Value


Bottom line, Sony needs to make PS Plus feel more valuable to its subscribers. Although monthly free games are a great idea, the titles are often older, even major ones such as Uncharted 4. This is in contrast to Game Pass, which offers major titles such as Gears5 that can be played on day 1. Sony must make the subscription more attractive, even if this means increasing the price of PS Plus. Even if the games are smaller, PS Plus should have PS5 titles as soon as the system launches.

PS Plus subscribers get great deals on sales. But maybe Sony could offer early access to digital soundtracks and demos for PS Plus subscribers. Sony cannot continue doing the same with PS Plus, especially considering the high price tag that the PS5 will likely carry. They have many options, but the system must add value.

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