You can play PC games on Xbox with a GeForceNow subscription if you have an Xbox. That comes with the usual GeForce Now caveats: The service allows you to stream games that you already own across a handful of storefronts–including Steam and the Epic Games Store–and it also appears that some titles have been blocked entirely.

If you ever wanted to play Dota 2 with an Xbox Series X, you can now. There are no drawbacks to using the Xbox’s keyboard and mouse, aside from any possible hiccups with streaming.

Some might wonder if this will bring exclusives for the Xbox console that was previously available on PC to the console. However, it appears not. Tom Warren of The Verge says that Death Stranding does not appear in search results when you browse GeForce Now via the Xbox’s Edge browser. It doesn’t matter to PC owners since the game is already on Steam. However, it’s an interesting omission. The game does work in Russia.

It’s difficult to say if this is an error or intentional since other first-party Sony games–Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn – have not yet been made available on GeForce Now. We’ve reached out, however, to several contacts to clarify.

This is another small but important step towards dismantling platform exclusivity. Microsoft has ended the console/PC divide. All its first-party titles will be available on Xbox and PC from day one. Age of Empires 4 is still only available on PC. Rich says that Sony is slowly releasing its back catalog onto PC. The imminent arrival of God of War will be a turning point at the end of platform wars. Don’t expect Nintendo to be any different.–aE

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