Genshin Impact’s Western new year update hits January 5, 2022. It’s quite large. The new Enkanomiya region, an underwater island filled with deadly enemies and continuously eroded by Abyss, is now available. Players will need to solve the puzzles in the middle of the island to access the artificial sun at the city’s center.

The Lantern Rite festival returns, offering the chance to win a four-star Liyue Character for free. This year’s Lantern Festival will also see the return of Liyue’s very cool flying palace, the Jade Chamber.

Two new characters are showing up with the patch: Shenhe, a five-star character who uses Cryo element polearm attack to boost Cryo teammates, and Yun Jin, a six-star character. Yun Jin uses Geo Vision to boost teammates’ defense and attacks. Yun Jin, an opera singer, can perform with the Peking Opera’s actual artist.—how-to-get-free-gold—how-to-get-free-gold/c/8FKa1RUg2CU—add-unlimited-gold-no-survey—add-unlimited-gold-no-survey/c/SXSNYk8Yw3I

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