Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Renewal Reportedly Being Discussed At ABC

For season 19, discussions are underway about the renewal of Grey’s Anatomy. Shonda Rhimes created Grey’s Anatomy in 2005. It has lasted 18 seasons. Ellen Pompeo stars as the executive producer. Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., and all 18 episodes of the series have been starred in.

Grey’s Anatomy focuses on the lives of residents, interns, and attendings at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, Seattle. The characters’ hectic lives create drama and tension. Pompeo is vocal about the series’ end soon. Negotiations for Grey’s Anatomies 18 reflect her belief.

Deadline has reported negotiations for Grey’s Anatomy’s 19th season renewal, according to Craig Erwich, ABC Entertainment President. According to reports, Pompeo was approached about returning for a second season. The timing is not an issue, as significant networks start negotiating renewals. Last season, however, the talks were close before Pompeo signed on. Pompeo signed a contract only through season 18. Wilson and Pickens Jr. reportedly signed multi-year contracts. Read Erwich’s quote below:

It’s a great addition to the show’s lineup. It’s a gift… As long as Ellen [Pompeo] feels that there are meaningful stories, we’ll continue doing the show.”

The show’s 388 episodes, positive reviews, and a legion of loyal fans have made it a success. However, ratings for Grey’s Anatomy’s 18 seasons are not as good as they were in previous seasons. This is the lowest number the show has ever seen in nearly two decades. The reason could be Rhimes’ audience is ready for her to leave the show. She has not written for the show in nearly two decades and has recently produced hits like Bridgerton, Station 19, and Inventing Anna. These are just a few of the projects that her company, Shondaland, has produced and has had success on both major networks and streaming.

Pompeo made it clear that she didn’t want to continue Grey’s Anatomy. She likely stayed because she was the main star of the series while Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, and T.R. Knight, and Katherine Heigel have found success since leaving the series. Pompeo was trying to leave Grey’s Anatomy for a while. Perhaps if the people behind the show find it less creatively satisfying, they shouldn’t feel obliged to keep making it despite the enormous amount of money it has made. Grey’s Anatomy will likely return for season 19. And hopefully, it’ll be enjoyable enough for those behind it to continue making it.

Ellen Pompeo, a long-standing Grey’s Anatomy star, has called for its end. There are hints that she might be right. Grey’s Anatomy season18 is currently on hiatus. Midseason finale episode 8 will air on December 16. Although the show’s shock value has been proven once more, there are some indications that Pompeo’s appeals to the team to end the show may be based on different elements. These include the most recent ratings and the storylines from season 18.

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 started with Meredith (Pompeo), who split her career between Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Minnesota and David Hamilton’s Minnesota clinic. Other characters in Seattle continued to live as standard, with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) following Meredith’s lead. However, the vibe of Grey’s Anatomy felt very different than in previous seasons. It was almost like everything had been suspended. The show’s long-running medical drama is ending, or at least that’s what Pompeo hopes. This may explain the change in pace.

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Insider interviewed Pompeo recently, and she made it clear that she had been trying for some while to convince everyone it should end. Grey’s Anatomy explored many complex themes in its 18-season run. This may have been a significant step in making television shows more political, particularly in their early seasons. In later seasons, Grey’s Anatomy attempted to do so, as seen in De Luca’s episode about human trafficking in season 17. However, it did not have the same impact as its earlier work.

The show’s decline has been reflected in the ratings. They have been falling since the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy season 17 but reached an all-time low in season 18, episode 7. The story has been largely ignored by viewers, with Pompeo rightly questioning the purpose of the series. While some newer stories have drawn viewers in, like Amelia’s story with Dr. Kai Bartley’s, there is no overarching theme or threat to Grey’s Anatomy season 18.

There have been several threats to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital: Meredith losing her license, the Avery foundation takeover, and the Covid-19 pandemic season 17. Grey’s Anatomy season 18, however, has nothing like that. The promise of significant returns was made to viewers. Still, the only characters who returned were for one episode, with Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), which appeared more frequently than any other. Although these returns might have been a hint that Grey’s Anatomy is nearing its end, they didn’t satisfy viewers.


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