GTA 5 Glitch Lets NPC Repeatedly Beat Up Trevor In Cutscene

A Grand Theft Auto 5 fan recently recorded a video showing a glitch in which an NPC beat Trevor repeatedly during an iconic scene with Franklin.

A new Grand Theft Auto 5clip features Trevor repeatedly punched in one of the most iconic cutscenes. This GTA5bug is one of Rockstar Games’ most hilarious bugs. It’s funny because the game has been around for eight years, and people are still trying to break it.

Despite being released nearly a decade ago, Rockstar’s open-world game is still alive and well. GTA Online will soon release its latest update, which features Franklin and Dr. Dre. This update will continue the story of GTA5 as Franklin hasn’t been seen since the end of the main story. Franklin will be back as a fixer for the celebrities hanging out in San Andreas. Despite this, many people still enjoy the story of Franklin’s rise to fame in the original game.

Reddit user Stephenburnett98 uploaded a video in which an ionic interaction between Franklin & Trevor was interrupted and re-enacted by two NPCs. An unknown pedestrian attacks Trevor at the beginning of the cutscene. However, he continues to talk with Franklin. Trevor was repeatedly pushed down by the NPC until another NPC arrived to observe. The cutscene continues, as usual, ending with Trevor attacking a civilian.

There are many absurdities in the GTA series, but this one is undoubtedly one of them. This takes the most famous scene in the game and adds an unexpected element. This is not a severe glitch, even though Rockstar was recently unable to launch the GTA Trilogy. The new collection has largely tarnished the memories of the classic trilogy for gamers and ruined the first-time experience for those who bought it. A messy collection of games caused damage to things like rain, textures and AI behavior.

The GTA5glitch results from the game’s cutscenes being not pre-rendered. Cutscenes are only visible in the game’s playable world. Trevor was annoyed by this and demanded a fight. These glitches will likely still exist when GTA 5 is re-released in March 2022. Rockstar has been working on a re-release for its acclaimed Xbox Series X game since 2020 but has not yet revealed any significant differences. It’s only a matter of time before the game is released. The developer will likely detail the changes to the game soon.

GTA Online’s upcoming update, The Contract, will feature GTA 5 star, Franklin Clinton. Fans have been impressed by his transformation over the years. Grand Theft Auto Online’s The Contract will be available across all platforms on Wednesday, December 15. Rockstar Games announced this a few days ago.

Franklin Clinton is featured in The Contract alongside Lamar and Chop the Dog. The latter two have remained faithful to the former during his rise from Los Santos street hustler into a legitimate businessman. Dr. Dre will also be featured in the content update, joining Franklin and Co. as he searches for his missing phone with unreleased tracks. While this could be the most exciting GTA Online update to date, some fans are left wondering why it didn’t happen as a single-player expansion. Other fan questions regarding the Contract content began to circulate after a closer inspection of screenshots and gameplay footage.

Although it may not be apparent in The Contract’s short teaser trailer, Franklin has aged since the last time we saw him. Grand Theft Auto V . Also GTA The faithful took note quickly. The update’s key art shows Franklin gray spots in his hair and beard. His face shows age, although his grimace may be responsible for the wrinkles and frown lines. Players such as Reddit user JackTheModder started discussing the time passed in the following thread. Some commenters point out that Franklin is still wearing his old “Old Franklin” t-shirt. Yee-yee-ass haircut “:

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