GTA Online PlayStation Lobbies Could Worsen Due To Jailbreak

GTA Online PlayStation Lobbies Could Worsen Due To Jailbreak

A notable dataminer has reported that modders could be appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online lobbies on the PlayStation 4/5 due to hackers jailbreaking the PlayStation 4. Hackers continue to plague the online sandbox of Rockstar Games for Grand Theft Auto Online. Hackers have been able to access other players’ IP addresses, create mod menus, even harass them with cheats over the years, spawn items and harass others in lobbies. This situation is likely to get worse after the PlayStation 4 was jailbroken. Hackers can now run homebrew applications, so external scripts are not required to cheat as much as the PC.

Online cheating is a problem. Developers behind popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty and PUBG have announced significant efforts to stop hackers from ruining casual player experiences. Activision announced in August that its Ricochet anti-cheat system was being developed for Call of Duty and Call of Duty Vanguard. This could address the ongoing problem and be licensed to other developers, similar to Easy Anti Cheat and BattlEye. However, hackers continue to find ways around anti-cheat systems, and franchises are still suffering. Activision is suing EngineOwning for supplying thousands of hackers with undetectable, cheap cheats.

A new report suggests that Grand Theft Auto Online could be in trouble. It seems that hackers and modders may be making their way into the multiplayer game. A recently deleted tweet by Tez2, a reputable data miner, and GTA informant, revealed that mod menus might soon be available on both PlayStation 4 versions due to the PlayStation 4’s recent jailbreak. Although hackers are at greater risk, the data miner mentions that creating mod menus is too complicated and risky for hackers to make worthwhile.

Although Rockstar’s online game mode is losing players due to hackers turning its lobbies into dangerous playgrounds every day, similar problems persist in Red Dead Online. Since its original release, the title has been known for having an ongoing pool of cheaters who have made it difficult for casual players to access Red Dead Redemption II’s online mode. Red Dead Online is a secondary title. However, this is the moment Rockstar Games started cracking down on hackers. This included removing KKK NPCs from other players.

Rockstar’s online game mode is still prevalent, but the studio seems unaware of hacking-related problems. Without proper supervision or a strengthened anti-cheat system, these problems could continue for many years. Grand Theft Auto V Extended & Enhanced is due on current-gen consoles in March. This means that a new wave may be coming to the title. Rockstar should direct its attention to Grand Theft Auto Online before then.





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