The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has enough bugs and glitches that Cyberpunk 2077 will flinch. Graphical glitches now overshadow this week’s release of the game. These issues are being shared by players on social media, along with other unintentionally funny problems, where they can share their confusion, disbelief, and amusement.

People began to notice a variety of problems with the high-definition remakes of Rockstar’s classic games. Players are recording footage of blinding rain, invisible bridges, and spontaneous blood pools. They also record ridiculous angles and questionable changes to the original game. These issues have not hindered people from using it for the most part, but it is a worrying sign that it is so early in its release.

Players are reporting a strange phenomenon: frequent misspellings on city signs and other posters. Some have suggested that it looks like an automated program did the upscaling instead of a human. GTA San Andreas’ Mexican restaurant now sells “enchiladas” rather than enchiladas. A car repair shop also offers repairs for “bear boxes” instead of gearboxes.

In contrast to these confusing changes, Rockstar decided to leave the GTA San Andreas mission, where a character asks you to hunt down an apparent homosexual man to cover a previous relationship. This is not a good look to have in 2021’s remastered game.

This is all in a game that many can’t even access at the moment. Rockstar shut down the Rockstar Games Launcher, requiring anyone who had logged in to it while online to play offline. Although the launcher is now back online, the games are no longer available for purchase or play. Rockstar stated that it would “remove files not intended to be included in these versions” and make them available again. Dataminers discovered curious developer comments and unlicensed music in Rockstar’s code. This could have caused Rockstar to stop the games from being available.

GTA Trilogy has had a difficult transition from Rockstar to Unreal’s proprietary engine. The worst part is that Steam removed the original version last month. You’ll have to wait for a patch to be released before you can play these important open-world games.

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