Halloween Kills: Why It’s Good Paul Rudd Didn’t Return As Tommy Doyle

The Halloween Kills saw Tommy Doyle make a return to the franchise. However, it was very fortunate that Anthony Michael Hall portrayed the role instead of Paul Rudd, who played the former Tommy. David Gordon Green’s sequel 2018’s Horror featured many references to John Carpenter’s 1978 classic. Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace are two of the most important returning characters. These were the children Laurie Strode first cared for in the original film. They were later protected from Michael Myers, “The Shape.” Tommy and Lindsey played major roles in Halloween kills. His old enemy ultimately killed Tommy.

Tommy Doyle was also a guest star in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, the sixth Halloween movie. The Curse of Michael Myers was retconned to avoid canonicity as the 2018 Halloween reboot established itself only as a sequel to Carpenter’s 1978 film. The Curse of Michael Myers Tommy was played in his second role by Paul Rudd, the MCU’s Ant-Man. Rudd didn’t return to the role when the character returned in the new continuity. Anthony Michael Hall, a character actor, best known for his roles as Tommy Doyle in John Hughes films such as The Breakfast Club, played Tommy Doyle.

Paul Rudd’s absence was a positive for the film as his comedy and stardom would have likely taken Michael Myers’ spotlight. The role was significantly different from Rudd’s role more than 20 years ago. Anthony Michael Hall was better suited for the Tommy version. Rudd, the Curse of Michael Myers, was an unknown character and a far cry from the comic legend and Marvel Cinematic Universe hero that we know today. His return to the Horror franchise would have been quite jarring. Halloween kills had an ensemble cast. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, and Michael were the main characters if it had two. It could have been distracting from the film’s core purpose: to analyze Michael Myers’ character by including a Hollywood star in Halloween kills.

Anthony Michael Hall was much more suited to the role of Tommy Doyle in Horror Kills. The film’s main character is a man who has suffered from severe post-traumatic stress. He had become obsessed with Michael Myers, as well as the 1978 killings. His downfall was when he convinced the town to become a lynch mob that would hunt down Michael at any cost. Rudd isn’t known for playing such a role as Tommy. He prefers to portray more humorous characters. Tommy was only seen sporadically throughout the film. It would have been strange for Rudd to disappear for such long periods when he would be the most well-known and famous person on-screen (alongside Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode).

Anthony Michael Hall brought desperation to the role, making him both sympathetic and sad. He was a surprising evolution of Tommy, the little boy who escaped a fatal encounter in 1978 with. It was refreshing to see Tommy as a different character than the one in The Curse of Michael Myers. Rudd’s Tommy was heavily influenced by the teens of Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Michael Hall’s Tommy, on the other hand, was older and more beaten down. He was, therefore, able to bring intensity to Tommy and, while he wasn’t always liked, he was memorable.

Tommy Doyle Died was wise not to cast a celebrity like Paul Rudd. Anthony Michael Hall was cast to play the role. This allowed for a fresh take that fit the film’s story, solely focused on Michael Myers. Rudd could have become a distraction from the main story if he ran around shouting “evil died tonight” with the film’s ensemble cast. Although he could not stop Michael Myers’ rampage through Haddonfield, Michael Hall was a sterling actor playing Tommy.

Halloween kills inadvertently spoilt its most shocking and disturbing major character death before the movie was even released. The 2018 movie ended with the second installment of David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy. Halloween kills picks up where the 2018 movie left off. Micheal Myers escapes the fiery death trap laid by Laurie Strode. Haddonfield is being terrorized once more by Michael Myers, and previous survivors gather to eliminate the serial killer. Laurie, Karen, and Allyson, Laurie’s daughter, must continue to fight Michael’s rampage while grieving the deaths of Halloween (2018).

Although there are many horrible deaths expected from the Horror franchises, Michael Myers has the highest kill count in the entire franchise with Halloween Kills. The night saw the death of evil, but it did kill 34 Haddonfield residents. From the Halloween kills-like deaths of Michael’s skilled kills to those who took their lives, every death was horrific. The notable deaths in the Halloween kill include Lonnie, Tommy Doyle, Marion Chambers, and Cameron Elon. Karen Greer was the final kill.

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