Halo 3 Battleship Forward Unto Dawn Accurately Designed In LEGO

One Halo3 fan can recreate the UNSC battleship Forward Unto Dawn using LEGO. He has amazing detail. Microsoft’s long-running sci-fi shooter franchise has many building sets from Mega Bloks. This makes it easy for dedicated players to make plastic tributes to different aspects of the Halo universe.

Halo fans immediately recognize the name Forward Unto Dawn. This UNSC Charon-class light frigate was first seen in Halo3 2007, where it fought the Covenant army in the final battle against them. It suffered heavy damage during that battle and was left in space for four more years with the Master Chief in cryo-stasis until Cortana woke him up to fight a new threat during the opening level. The Forward Unto Dawn’s remnants were destroyed upon reentry to the shield world Requiem. However, the ship did make several appearances in the tie-in prequels, such as the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn or Halo Legends.

Reddit user theNerdyOne_ posted several images of their stunning custom Halo3ForwardUnto Dawn model onto gaming. The images capture the sleek look of the battleship, right down to the UNSC emblem on the rear. Even the ship breaks apart, just like the Forward Unto Dawn model at the end Halo 3’sstory campaign. According to TheNerdyOne_ their Forward Unto Dawn model measures almost 29 inches (or 73.3 cm) in length.

Some commenters suggested that they would submit the model to LEGO’s Ideas program in order to have it considered for a set release (as was done with sets based on Kirby’s Dream Land and , but acknowledged that the Halolicense is owned by the Mega Bloks. LEGO has been building sets based on Mega Bloks HalolicenseRecent releases include the interactive LEGO Super Marioboard and a set that was recently revealed that is based on Sonic The Hedgehog’sGreen Hill Zone. This is not to mention the many LEGO models that gamers have created and posted online, including the terrifying Leshen from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

TheNerdyOne_’s ForwardUnto Dawn model is not an official LEGO set. However, it is a highly-detailed, well-built recreation of the battleship and is worthy of being sold in brick shops. It would be a great addition to a Halo fan’s desk, allowing them to play another round of multiplayer or take on the role of Master Chief to make sure that the sacrifices made by the original Forward Unto Dawn were not futile.

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