Halo fans mourn the end of Halo 3.

The Xbox 360 online services for classic games are being closed today, leaving Halo fans to mourn the loss of their beloved series and reminisce.

Halo 3: Halo 3: STOP, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 have been affected. Campaigns and single-player content are still available, but online matchmaking has been removed. Other online services, such as file sharing and challenges, will also be disabled.

The entire sunsetting plan can be viewed below, thanks to a post at Halo Waypoint.

Superfans can still enjoy games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Game Pass. For many, it’s not going to be the same.

The Halo subreddit is now reminiscing over their time with Halo and paying tribute to the good times and friends they made.

PoloSword had a great time hopping on the servers with random people. It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable gaming experiences of our lives.

SgtBeanboi created a memorial to the Xbox 360 Halo versions. It’s fitting to pay tribute to such a well-known series, and it’s great to see so much dedication after so many years.

In a very emotional video, Sir_Entity shared a final game, during which it appeared that a ceasefire had been called. Both teams were seen sitting in the ocean, teabagging and shooting into the skies. This is what makes it so unique. !

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