The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta has been released, and I am dying to play Slayer. Although the classic deathmatch mode is available in several ways, it can only be played randomly at this time.
The playlist of modes is randomly chosen during matchmaking and can be found in all three game types, Big Team Battle, Quick Play, and Ranked Arena. However, you can’t choose one mode to play as in previous Halo games. Slayer players will have to accept objective-based methods such as Strongholds, Oddball, or Capture the Flag.

It is currently not possible to create a Slayer game that random players could join. You will have to wait for Halo to start, so you’ll need to be patient.

Many speculate that 343 has restricted Halo Infinite’s ability to play a single playlist, forcing players to try each mode. It is a beta. When Halo launches on December 8, we may get a traditional mode selection option. Infinite’s matchmaking is similar to Overwatch, with randomly chosen maps and modes. On the other hand, Halo players aren’t used to having control over which way they play.

Reddit user probably_is_fhqwgads posted in a thread on beta: “I honestly feel that the lack of [an] alternative to choose between Slayer or Objective is unacceptable.” Many Halo subreddit users and others on social media are dissatisfied with the playlist’s objective-based modes. They claim that they don’t have enough understanding of how they work.

Reddit user xRaen stated that “this is my #1 problem right now.” “All other things can be forgiven, but I don’t have any fun using CTF. I want to shoot dudes.

I find the lack of Slayer-only play to be a minor complaint, especially when we were treated with an unexpected early launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer. The first season of the games free-to-play is now available. It includes ten maps and a battle pass. You also get various unlockable armour pieces, paint jobs, and other goodies for your Spartan. The lack of mode selection stops over 200,000 people from playing the game on Steam and 100,000 watching it on Twitch.

Natalie Clayton, our own Natalie Clayton, called the multiplayer “a satisfying area shooter” that could be “the best Halo since 3.” We played the technical test a few months ago.

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