Three43 Industries will be adding four new playlists to Halo Infinite on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. A 343 Industries’ communications team member shared the playlists for “Slayer,” Fiesta FFA and Tactical Slayer. These will be added to Halo Infinite via a service update.

It is clearly in response to player requests to play the primary and very famous Halo mode. 343 had last week noted that Slayer for Infinite’s delay was due to more extensive plans for the playlist, which included new variants. “To address player feedback regarding Slayer in the short term, we’ll be releasing an initial Slayer offering and will look to expand with additional variants in a subsequent update,” stated ske7ch, a 343 employee.

After the team goes on holiday, a more complex Slayer playlist is planned. Update on January 14 will include changes to challenges, including removing some “particularly frustrating mode-specific ones” and new challenges for new playlists. A challenge category will be added to help players accumulate player scores.

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