Halo Infinite leaks point to new game modes

Halo Infinite leaks point to new game modes.


Recent leaks have revealed new Halo infinite modes. If the data mining is correct, we can expect new twists to familiar gameplay with every event 343 throws at it. This first round of events could be associated with the next Halo Infinite multiplayer tournament, Ritual. It will run from February 8th through February 21st. Tenrai will only reappear periodically for the next two months.

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Halo Infinite Ritual Event Leaks – Tactical Ops

Leaker @HaloNoticiasMX claims Ritual will include Tactical Ops remixes from several modes and what appears to be a few other additions.

  • Tactical Slayer
  • Tactical One Flag
  • Tactical CTF
  • Tactical strongholds
  • Tactical Elimination
  • Tactical Attrition
  • Tactical Oddball
  • The Hill’s Tactical King

These “tactical” modes are not yet precise. It is not clear what makes them different from other modes. Fractures: Tenrai’s “Fiesta” mode, a twist of Slayer, allows you to spawn with random weapons each time. This is as tactical as it gets.

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