Halo Infinite Multiplayer Technical Preview Content Detailed

Fans can now try the Training Mode, which is one of the new game modes. The Training Mode allows gamers to learn new skills and compete against bots on any Arena map. Gamers will also have access to bot arenas in , this time with an improved AI based on all the data from the previous tech preview. Weapon Drills will make a comeback with a wider range of weapons including;



– MK50 Sidekick

CQS48 Bulldog

– Needler

– VK78 Commando

– S7 Sniper

Plasma Pistol

– Pulse Carbine

– Ravager

– Heatwave


– Shock Rifle

The Big Team Battle is a new social mode that will be available during the second week. This mode allows gamers to be divided into two teams of 12, and compete against each other in various game types. Gamers can play Capture The Flag in Infinite at the Fragmentation Map on October 1. Gamers can play Total Control and Capture the Flag on the Fragmentation Map on October 2. On October 3rd, gamers will be able to play Capture the Flag, Total Control and Slayer on Fragmentation.

343 Industries encourages gamers to participate in the tech previews and answer the survey so that the company can improve the game for everyone. The surveys will be sent to participants’ email addresses. There will be two types of surveys. You can send feedback about game design or weapon balance to the Halowaypoint site. Feedback on technical issues or bugs should be submitted to the Halo Support website.


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