Although Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta has been a success, players are vocal about their disapproval of the Battle Pass. This is due to its slow progress. We agree. John Junyszek, community manager at 343 Industries, has laid out the studio’s plan to improve upon yesterday’s hint that they would address the complaints.
Some “targeted tunings”, which will be available later this week, will be released. Junyszek explained that “Play 1 Game” challenges will be added to the Battle Pass. This will ensure you can play matches as you like. Based on your feedback, we’ll adjust, fix bugs, and remove some Weekly Challenges. These tunings will make it easier for you to complete Weekly Challenges quicker and help you get through the Battle Pass faster.

This is good news. However, it means weekly challenge progress will have to be reset. As compensation, players will receive a freebie. Junyszek explained that this week’s Ultimate Rewards, the Sigil Mark VII Visa, will be granted to all players who log in between Nov 23 and Nov 30. You can now get an entire hour of double XP by using the 2XP boost, instead of just half an hour.

Junyszek says goodbye, promising that 343 Industries would be “watching closely these changes” to ensure they have a positive impact on the game. He wrote that “This is just our first step” and that he was committed to continuing the development of these systems, but it would take time.

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