Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai Event Pushes Player Count Above 200,000

Although Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event was criticized for its misleading pass, it seems to have not deterred many players. A new report shows that Halo Infinite’s player counts increased during the Fracture: Tenrai event. This adds to the already highly successful game.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was launched early, after many years of anticipation. However, it received mixed reviews. While the game was highly praised for its faithfulness to the Halo lore and legacy, it was also criticized for bugs and glitches at launch. Halo Infinite was also criticized for its progression system. 343 Industries responded to player concerns and released an update that simplified the leveling. The game’s microtransactions system was the most criticized part of Halo Infinite. The rewards system was criticized by players and the number of purchases that could be made. One HaloInfinite player estimated that a player would need to spend over $1,000 to purchase all microtransactions in Season 1. The microtransactions were not much better in Halo Infinite’s latest event. However, it didn’t seem that this mattered to FPS players.

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A report from GameSpot shows that the Fracture: Tenrai event was so popular that it raised Halo Infinite’s peak concurrent player count to over 200,000. Steam player counts show that Halo Infinite is the third most popular game on Steam at writing. This surpasses DOTA2 and CSGO, which are Valve heavyweights.


It’s not surprising that the player count reached its highest point during Halo Infinite, but the Fracture: Tenrai event received criticism for having its event pass. Players criticized the event pass for not disclosing that certain colors were restricted to specific types of armor or sold armor in slightly different shades. Another complaint was that the Fracture: Tenrai event’s ticket featured a free event but different content.

Halo infinite’s huge popularity, despite an uneven launch, is a testament to 343’s continued engagement and the popularity of the Halo franchise. Halo was recently announced to have an Amazon-produced live-action TV show. This shows how strong the franchise is. Players are coming out in large numbers to play the Halo Infinite games mired in controversy, which shows how strong it is.

Microsoft has dropped the multiplayer mode in HaloInfinite for fans all over the world. But does it cross-play across platforms? While the single-player campaign will not launch until December 8, Halo infinite’s campaign mode won’t arrive until later, and players can still enjoy the online multiplayer options now.

The 20th-anniversary celebrations of both the series and the Xbox line saw the release of the multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite. The sudden launch of multiplayer mode was not unexpected. Due to the large number of players trying online, servers for Halo Infinite went down the first day. Halo infinitesmashed the concurrent player record for an Xbox Game Studios title on Steam with more than a quarter-million players jumping online to battle.

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Halo Infinite is available on three platforms: PC and Xbox One. Microsoft’s generational approach has ensured that users of previous generations won’t be forgotten. This raises the question of whether Halo Infinite is cross-play across its multiple platforms. This is especially true given the aging technology in the Xbox One line.

Is Halo Infinite Multiplayer compatible with cross-play for PC and Xbox consoles?


Halo Infinite does indeed allow cross-play across all its platforms. This allows people to play the game alongside everyone who has it. Cross-progression is available for multiplayer. This allows people to save their progress and content across all platforms. This information was revealed earlier this year in a post to the Halo Waypoint blog. The multiplayer in Halo Infinite is free-to-play. Therefore, monetization will be an important aspect of the game moving forward. Players will keep their rewards in one account, which can then be shared across multiple platforms.

Halo Infinite has cross-play, which means there is a huge potential audience for this game, especially since the multiplayer mode is free-to-play. Halo Infinite is also available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This means that anyone without an Xbox or gaming PC can stream the game, expanding the mobile market. When Microsoft has cloud gaming working on smart televisions, the sky will be the limit for those who want to play Halo Infiniteonline.

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