Halo Player Combines Skewer & Man Cannon to Score Trickshot Kill

One HaloInfiniteplayer was able to score an incredible kill. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been a massive success since its surprise release. Both Xbox and PC gamers have been flooding the servers to play the latest installment in the legendary FPS series. This has been accompanied by HaloInfinite players showing their best and most creative play.

Many players were delighted to see Halo Infinite’s multiplayer game mode released. Although the paid campaign mode was still due to release on December 8, players could access the several multiplayer weeks before the scheduled release date. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was criticized for its difficulty and progression. The Halo Infinite gameplay has been widely praised for the variety of map traversal options that are offered. The number of vehicles is not the only impressive thing, but the tools and devices such as the grappling hook are. The man cannon is one tool that players can use across the map. However, it is not exclusive to Halo infinite. The man cannon, despite its name, can launch any object or vehicle that it encounters.

Redditor ManiacalZManiac shows how to use man cannons for wild kills. ManiacalZManiac fires ordinance at enemies from a distance using the Skewer, a rocket launcher. A man cannon is located between ManiacalZManiac’s enemy and the rocket. After launch, the rocket takes off and arcs over the dam, covering the enemy before eventually hitting the ground.

Halo Infinite is not the only game that uses tricks shots, but there are many examples of players using the game’s weapons and environments to score impressive kills. One Halo Infinite player recently used a Repulsor rocket to kill another player. The player was awarded a “Return To Sender” achievement, as well as praise from other Halo Infinite players.

It’s always thrilling to see how a multiplayer game will develop. Sometimes this comes in the form of map knowledge and understanding the best weapons. The most hilarious and unexpected tricks are often the ones that get the most attention.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been made available to players ahead of the entire game’s release. It is entirely free for all players. Developers have the opportunity to engage the players before implementing the campaign. The Halo Infinite multiplayer launch has attracted a lot of players. They can play on either Xbox or PC with a controller, mouse and keyboard.

Halo Infinite allows players to match up regardless of their platform. Crossplay is also available in the game so that both Xbox and PC gamers can play Halo online. It is still a matter of debate whether using a controller or a keyboard and mouse is better. Some believe that one gives players an advantage. Some players want to play with others using the same tools, even for those not feeling strong.

There is good and bad news for those who do not want to play Halo Infinite against players from the other platform. There is a way to limit the players you can match with based on your input device. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep keyboard and mouse players out of Xbox lobbies.

How to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite
Although Halo Infinite crossplay cannot be disabled, Ranked settings can restrict input options for multiplayer. Ranked Arena matches allow players to only pair up with other players who use a controller or only their mouse and keyboard. It doesn’t limit their ability to play on the same platform. Halo Infinite multiplayer allows players to use their controllers or keyboards on the Xbox and PC. However, there are ways around this.

Players can do this by going to the Multiplayer menu, then selecting Ranked Arenas. They will then be taken to the Ranked Arena’s Menu to choose which Ranked games to play. Only Ranked Solo/Duo games can be restricted by input type in HaloInfinite. Players will need first to select the Solo/Duo Queue option. Next, players can click the Input tab to fund it and choose whether to play with keyboard and mouse players or controllers. Players can then initiate matchmaking according to these guidelines. However, being selective may increase the queue times. You can change these settings before any match, so you don’t have to worry about losing the ability to make changes later.


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