Halo: Season 8 of The Master Chief Collection – Here’s when it launches

Halo – The Master Chief Collection continues receiving content, even though the next major entry will launch later in the year and the Season8 release date are both on everyone’s minds.

Season 8 of Halo: Master Chief Collection’s Halo: Mythic introduces new, and quite different, armor sets for Halo 3 players. They are a blend of historical inspiration, series-specific style, and come with new nameplates, Firefight updates, and other accessories.

Xbox Game Studios publisher and 343 Industries developer previously announced that Season 8’s initial test flight would start sometime during the week of September 6.

Most Halo MCC seasons in recent years have lasted between 10 to 11 weeks. This logic is why Season 7 was launched on June 27th, so Season 8 should have been live by September 8.

However, that was not the case. We initially thought the new season would go live in September. We were wrong by two weeks. Halo: Master Chief Collection’s Season 8 release date officially arrives in mid-October.

  • Halo: The Master Chief Season 8 Release Date: October 13,

It is still to be determined if this season was an exception in terms of length. Halo Infinite won’t reward XP for completing matches during launch.

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