Handcop Is a Bizarre Game That’s Blowing Up on the Internet

Although the internet can be a strange place to say the least it is fun because it embraces that oddity. Take a look at the viral success of Handicap. This project is currently being developed by Bossa Studios designer Jeff Ramos in his spare time. Handicap essentially is a comedy shooter with a protagonist who is literally a talking, walking hand holding a gun. This oddity is what has helped Handcop gain a surprising level of online attention, thanks to the viral gif of Handcop moving.

Ramos shared an animated gif of his Handcop render earlier this week on the /r/gaming forum. It’s one of Reddit’s most popular video-game-focused subreddits. However, it’s mostly dedicated to memes and jokes as well as relatable anecdotes. However, the Handicap Gif was a hit with subreddit readers and received an astounding 101,000 upvotes. It is also very easy to read. The headline says, “To [sic] lazy animate the entire body.” and the gif shows Handcop using his pinkie, ring, and middle fingers as legs and holding a pistol with the rest of his fingers.

Many of the people who responded to Ramos’ post thought it was a joke at best. However, they did find it funny. It would be great if the first-person shooter featured hands wielding large weapons. Most people didn’t know Handcop is a complete game. Ramos has been working towards it for more than a year. Ramos’ Twitter account has a pinned post that shows Handcop running in dark alleyways shooting robotics and making jokes about being a human hand.

Ramos explained Handcop in an interview with IGN. It’s a comedy shooter, which he describes as being both first-person- and third-person. He claims that “the shooting is real here” as well as the “superb headshots.” The trailer shows handicap slowed down, jumping, dodging, and earning points. Ramos plans to add melee combat and stat-altering rings.

Ramos shared his Handcop concept in a large subreddit. It worked wonderfully for him because of his creative genius. Sometimes, all it takes to help an indie-game project thrive is a simple gif. This is the nature of the internet.

It’s hard to predict how influential a viral GIF on Reddit is for handicap. Ramos continues to work on Handicap, but it isn’t clear how long he will continue working on it before it is finished. Handicap doesn’t have a Steam profile so it’s not possible for interested gamers to wishlist the game. Ramos will share more of the Walking Hand with a Gun in the future, but it will still be recognizable.

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