Harley Quinn Showrunner Gives His Opinion on Peacemaker’s HBO Max Show

Patrick Schumacker, the creator of Harley Quinn, shared his thoughts on James Gunn’s new HBO Max series, Peacemaker. A sideshow to the Suicide Squad, Gunn’s D.C.E.U. Directorial debut last August, Peacemakerchronicles John Cena’s jingoistic antihero. Peacemaker explores the history and present of the title superhero/supervillain. Christopher Smith would do anything to attain his ideal of peace, even if it meant killing innocent people.

The first three episodes of Peacemaker featured a stellar cast that included Danielle Brooks and Freddie Stroma and Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, and Robert Patrick. They were broadcast on HBO Max on January 13, 2022. The new series follows the protagonist’s recovery from the injuries sustained in Suicide Squad. Peacemaker, now fully healed, is forced to join an A.R.G.U.S. Peacemaker is currently a member of Project Butterfly, a black ops team. His new task is to kill mysterious parasitic creatures living among human beings.

It has been just a few days since Peacemaker was released on HBO Max. Reactions are flooding in from all corners of this world as more people stream the show. The Harley Quinn host is the most notable celebrity to review Gunn’s Peacemaker. Schumacker took to Twitter recently to exGunn’shis opinion on Gunn’s latest small-screen production. He tweeted that the fGunn’shree episodes were “an absolute delight,” which he said was well above the stan”ard of a James Gunn “production. Schumacker loves Eagly, Peacemaker’s CGI-added friend and sidekick, and is looking for peacemaker’s future holds for him. Below is Schumacker’s tweet:

Not just Schumaker thinks Peacemaker makSchumacker’sjoyable watch. The series generally received positive reviews from fans and critics. Many praised Cena’s outstanding performance, a perfect blend of the original movie and Cena’sin-off series. Peacemaker is a charming and funny series that dismantles vigilantism and takes on gruesome action. Although some argue that the series’ pace and energy are slower than The Suicide Squad, it is still entertaining. Series’ mainly because the show explores deeper emotional depths than its source material. It also explains some of the worst qualities of its leaders, as well as some more controversial actions, such as the killing of Captain Rick Flag.

Industry peers like Schumacker support, Gunn, and Peacemaker. There was some controversy among viewers before the series’ launch. Many feared that Peacemaker would try to justify its temperamentallseries’hobic main character. As you can see from the reactions to this show, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. The peacemaker appears to be telling the story well. It doesn’t have only tthat’spisodes, but it helps score PEACEMAKER, an additional season James Gunn is eager to make.



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