The Hearthstone 22.2 patch is now available. It brings tweaks, changes and fixes. But most importantly, it introduces the Battlegrounds Buddies—this collection of 75 new minions unique to each hero.

Last week, we had a complete rundown of the Buddies, with a gallery of each one. But Hearthstone players may be interested in a few gameplay changes made along with the update.

While we test the new Buddy System, the Battlegrounds Armor System will be deactivated. We plan to activate the Armor System again in a later patch after we have reassessed their power levels with their new Buddies.

Temporarily, Hero Selection has been extended by 10 seconds to a total time of 70 seconds while players learn the new Buddy System.

Upgrade to Tavern Tier 5 now costs 2 Gold Its cost now starts at 11 gold

The current Battlegrounds season will end on January 25, and ratings will reset to zero. A new season will then begin.

The buddies themselves are far too young to judge their abilities, but our brand director Tim Clark had this to say after playing a few games.

“The fact that your buddies are, at the moment, a lot of fun is not in doubt. It’s exciting to see the bar rise and know that you can get a power boost in the next shopping phase. My favourite so far is Yogg Saron’s buddy. His text reads “Battlecry, Spin the Wheel Yogg-Saron.” The results were varied, as you would expect from Yogg. One time, I received +3/+3 to my whole board, and their stats were redistributed. Another time, I received three Darkmoon Faire prizes. It is still a mystery whether having more minions in the main pool will make this patch feel less fresh. This could be due to endgame competitions that look similar to what we had previously. But right now, I’m eager to get back into the game.

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