Subscribe to Plus Now To Get A Few Bonus Freebies

Subscribe to Plus Now To Get A Few Bonus Freebies

The vast majority of PlayStation Plus subscribers aren’t thrilled about the October freebies.

PlayStation 5 players have been able access the World War II shooter Heck Let Loose. However, it has proven to be a highly divisive release that is not clicking for many players. PlayStation 4 subscribers feel “insulted” and have complained about Mortal Kombat X, PGA Tour 2K21, and other games.

Many PS4 subscribers are annoyed that they received Mortal Kombat X instead of the enhanced Mortal Kombat XL, which is essentially the exact same game but with additional content.

“Ridiculous. This game is six years old,” wrote to one Mortal Kombat X user. “They gave us a standard edition, which is an insult!” They could have given a more complete version of the game, which is a shame.

“It is insulting to give us X instead of XL, when the game’s so old. Most people who like fighting games would already have bought it or Mortal Kombat 11 by now,” said another user before acknowledging that “it could have been worse.”

Good news! Those of you who have already redeemed Mortal Kombat X can claim additional content free. Although it isn’t quite as good as Mortal Kombat XL‘s, it’s still better than nothing.

kabirsingh84 pointed out that there are tons of free add-ons available for Mortal Kombat X. These can be downloaded from this store. Although these are mainly bonus skins and other items, they are still free. Take advantage of the opportunity to get what you want while you still have it.

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Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel Feud Is No More, Confirms Actor

Dwayne Johnson said that Vin Diesel, his Fast & Furious star, has ended their rivalry. The two had a “meeting to clarify” their differences.

For those of you who don’t want to interrupt former wrestlers every move and moment, here’s some context. Johnson posted an Instagram photo in 2016 to thank the women who worked with him on The Fate of the Furious.

Johnson continued, “My male co-stars however, are a different story.” Johnson said that some men are stand-up men and professionals while others are not. Johnson said, “Those who don’t do this are too chicken s**ty to do anything about it anyway.” Candy asses. Although he deleted the post it was saved and screenshotted by many people. There was much speculation about who or what the actor was referring too.

The post that called out “candy asses” was believed to be about Vin Diesel, who had adopted a tough love approach to set. This was something he admitted to earlier this year in an interview. Johnson was shocked to hear Johnson’s statement. He said that he had “laughed hard” at Johnson’s explanation.

According to an interview by Vanity Fair, tensions between the actors have cooled down. Johnson stated that Johnson wanted to avoid drama and would not be sharing scenes with Diesel in The Fate of the Furious. “I felt that it was the best thing to have done. It’s for everyone.

However, he did admit that it was a mistake to post publicly about Diesel’s problems. It caused a firestorm. It was, however, …[it seemed] like every crew member found their ways to me and either quietly thanked or sent me a message,” said the actor. I shouldn’t have shared this… “I meant what I said when I said it. It was wrong to say it publicly.

Johnson and Diesel managed to resolve their dispute despite the “firestorm”. Johnson said, “Well, it was a meeting.” It was not peaceful, however. It was a meeting of clarity. We had a great chat in my trailer and it was from that conversation that it became clear that we were on two different ends of the spectrum. He and I agreed to let it be.

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Video Shows What The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Would Look Like With Unreal Engine 5

Many gamers were hooked on Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion in 2006. Some Elder Scrolls 4 fans, like James McAvoy, became addicted to the game and couldn’t stop playing it until Skyrim.
Gamers might be pleased to learn that Unreal Engine 5 fan Altmer has recreated visuals from the Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion trailer using Unreal Engine 5. Altmer shared the clip on Elder Scrolls Reddit, but the original video was uploaded by Hall 00117 back in August.

They showcase the Kvatch Oblivion Gate using next-gen visuals as well as a beautiful atmospheric soundtrack from the original game. Hall said that most of the video’s assets were created by them, except for the Megascanned lava rocks formations, visual storm effects, and the knight. They spent about two weeks experimenting to create the Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion video that is approximately two minutes long.

Hall stated that their goal was to maintain a constant 50-65fps throughout the video. The video has occasional stutters due to the use of particle effects and 8k texture nanite meshes. One criticism was that people get tired of similar trailers that have dim lighting and boring color palettes. The trailer is meant to honor the original game’s aesthetic. This doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of the game.

Hall is admired by many fans who feel that Elder Scrolls 4 should be remade. They also called for Bethesda’s to improve its game for the next installment. Some were recalling their first encounters with the game when they were younger. Many people first saw the gates when they were less than 10 years old. These gates are a great way to bring back memories.

Many people hope Bethesda will bring these visuals to Elder Scrolls 6 when it finally comes out. Bethesda should also give Elder Scrolls 4 the same remastering treatment as Skyrim. This trailer will allow fans to recall their favourite Elder Scrolls 4 moments and push for a remake.

The Elder Scrolls are the franchise’s nameake. However, they have played a small part in The Elder Scrolls. Their roles in games’ stories are varied and their nature is not easily defined.

The Elder Scrolls are an ancient prophecy of unknown origin that, when read carefully, can show only one version of events in the future or past. The Elder Scrolls has shown many scrolls to have strange powers, and there are certain roles they have played.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall do not contain any Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls’ first three games are a good starting point for the language that will be used later to describe the Elder Scrolls.

Daggerfall ends with The Warp In the West. However, the event was not described until later games. The hero has the option to give the Totem Of Tiber Septim (a symbol of victory) to any major faction in the Iliac Bay. This will allow them to activate the Numidium, which is a giant golem that can be activated by all factions.

The activation of Numidium caused a Dragon Break. This caused time to fracture and all subsequent events took place before the timeline reconverged. This was done in practice to allow Bethesda not to establish one option as canon. However, the core concept behind the Warp in the West laid the foundation for later descriptions of the Elder Scrolls.

Urag gro–Shub, Skyrim’s College of Winterhold describes how the scrolls reflect all possible futures and all pasts […] all of which is true. Even the lies. “Especially the falsehoods.” The Elder Scrolls, like Dragon Breaks and the Elder Scrolls, lean on the fourth Wall to a certain degree.

Morrowind was a further example of the series’ flirtation in metafiction. Vivec, one third of Morrowind’s Tribunal, has earned CHIM. Characters in the Elder Scrolls universe can gain CHIM when they realize that they are just figments in dreams of an unconscious godhead but still assert their individuality. The godlike powers of CHIM enable Bethesda canonically to retcon the legends, as was the case when Tiber Septim turned Cyrodiil into a tropical rainforest.

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Fall Guys Leak Claims Halo-Themed Content is Coming to the Game

Crossover content is always a crowd pleaser. Fans love to see their favorite characters in places they might not expect. This is why Sora was revealed for Super Smash Bros. This month, Ultimate caused waves that were as large as mountains. The more crossovers that are coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, it seems.
Fall Guys is no stranger to cross-platform properties. Just last month, the game received a skin for Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Fall Guys is not tied to any one console’s exclusive cosmetics. If a Twitter leak proves to be true, it could be that the fun will shift to Microsoft, particularly to its flagship Halo franchise.

Three cosmetics with Halo themes are headed to Fall Guys, according to @FgPancake on Twitter. The file names for three new items are leaked. They appear to be named after the grunt, chieftain, and Master Chief. This would be a significant step towards ensuring that Fall Guys have more Xbox representation to match Sony’s exclusives.

Pancake suggests that these skins may be released alongside Fall Guys’ Xbox version. This would make sense. It’s only fair to expect Fall Guys to get more famous Fall Guys.

This leak is also good news for Halo fans hoping to become Master Chief. Pancake, though not associated with Mediatonic has claimed many leaks that ended up becoming reality in the past, so it would be safe to assume that this would also be true.

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital would make smart business decisions by including Halo-themed cosmetics in their games. Fall Guys has a massive PlayStation playerbase, so it would be a smart move to try and get more Xbox fans to give the fun party game a shot.

If that is what the intention is, Master Chief is one of few Microsoft mascots who has such a wide appeal. One reply to the tweet claiming the leak said, “Sir,” when asked about Master Chief’s activities in Fall Guys. Woo!

Fall Guys was the game that gamers talked about for a while. It was streamed on Twitch and YouTube by many of the most prominent names in Twitch and YouTube right after it launched. The smart launch strategy for PlayStation Plus was combined with a cute aesthetic and clever game concepts to create a fun atmosphere that all ages could enjoy. The game’s popularity grew as it was embraced by other properties. Everything from the Doom Slayer and the Rot from Kena Bridge of Spirits has been added to it.

Although Fall Guys isn’t as popular as it used to be, there would be a resurgence of interest if Mediatonic partnered up with Netflix to produce some Squid Game content. The Korean series has been a huge success, much like Fall Guys. It is unlikely that the debate about its deadly games will slow down. The TV series and the game share a similar premise. Some Squid Game-inspired stages or outfits could be a great Season of Fall Guys content.

Although the Fall Guys’ Seasons have not yet taken on a specific theme, Squid Game deserves a whole Season of attention. Imagine a battle pass with items inspired by the show. A victory pose would see a bean holding up the Squid Game piggybank, or an emote watching cute beans throw some Ddakji. Battle Pass cosmetics may include Squid Game profile items as well as different-numbered jumpsuits similar to those worn by Squid Game participants. Another memorable skin could be created by including the episode 8 tuxedos.

The more costly Fall Guys cosmetics require players to spend crowns each piece. This could allow Soldiers and The Front Man access. A Fall Guys bean would look fantastic in the iconic pink Soldier outfits, as well as some square, triangle and circle face plates. The Front Man’s unique black mask will make him stand out among other Fall Guys skins currently in the game. These outfits will be a great incentive for gamers to continue playing Squid Games, as other communities have already created skins for the game, such overwatch’s Ana becoming a Soldier.

However, the most exciting part about hypothetical Squid Game content are not the costumes. Mediatonic could instead create multiple stages that reflect the games featured in the Netflix series. It is clear that the Squid Game would be a good idea. Fall Guys beans can die if they are removed from the game’s playing space. It is already a mechanic that allows players to grab each other, so letting them push each other during this stage would make it work.

The most intriguing game idea is Redlight, Greenlight, which is featured in the Squid Game’s first episode. A giant Fall Guys bean, which could be used as a motion detector and giant killer doll, could track the movement of players as they attempt to cross the finish line. Fall Guys’ pushing, which allows beans to slip and fall, would be at its highest here. Players could even kill each other if necessary. It would be different from Fall Guys races to move slowly and carefully, and it would be intense for other players to be eliminated as the game progresses.

The possibilities for such a crossover are endless with Fall Guys’ Tip Toe able to have a visual redesign that matches the bridge from Squid Game’s seventh episode. Although Squid Game’s violence needs to be reduced to fit Fall Guys’ E rating, there’s still plenty of potential. Squid Game is getting a lot of love, and it could be the subject of a video game. With Netflix’s plans to offer gaming on its service, a crossover with Fall Guys would be a great idea for now.

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Standoff 2 follows Standoff 1 as a tactical first person shooter. It was developed by Axlebolt studios. There are some Beautiful maps like Sandstone And Sakura. It is inspired by Counter-Strike Global Offensive. You will learn some useful tips and tricks to make Standoff 2 Hack is a more enjoyable game. You will learn a lot of new tips and tricks, no matter if you are an FPS veteran or just starting out.

Distance matters

Start with the first tip. This will ensure that you get more kills. The best way to do this is to know the best distance shooting method. When it comes to shooting in Standoff 2, most players have lots of questions. Are you able to fire in rapid bursts only? Are you supposed to stand still or crouch? Or, do you simply hold down the left click and spray? The answer is yes, there is a method for each situation. It all comes down to how Standoff 2 works with bullet accuracy and recoil. Consider this: Let’s say that you are 10 metres away from your opponent and start spraying. The recoil can be controlled and the bullets can travel wherever you want them to. It is difficult to control recoil and bullet spread when you are farther away from the target.

Spraying from a distance of more than 30 meters can prove to be very ineffective. The other extreme is also possible. Imagine yourself defending your opponent point-blank. The bullets will go wherever you want, even if you spray or run at the same time. You don’t need to solve a lot of complicated physics equations to understand this. If you’re at a distance greater than 20 meters, you should do one to three bullet bursts. You can fire up to 3 bullets. This is because guns don’t really start to recoil upwards until after the 4th bullet. Shooting in these 1-to-3 bullet bursts will allow your gun position to reset, allowing you to make sure your next burst is precise.

First Bullet Accuracy

Moving on to the next tip: First Bullet Accuracy. Most players realize that when you run your gun produces a lot of recoil and is very inaccurate. You may not be aware that you have near-perfect first shot accuracy while walking. This is a unique feature of Standoff 2. Standing still, your first bullet accuracy is around 30% lower than walking. You will be killed so often by a moving enemy. You don’t have to do this, just stand still and take the most precise shots. It’s fine to shoot the first shot if you suddenly see your opponent while walking. Instead of waiting until you stop to take your first shot, wait.

Recoil Control

This tip is the third. It will not only improve your kill-death ratio but also make you a better player. Let’s now discuss Recoil control. To consistently win in Standoff 2, recoil control is key. This mechanic can provide near-sharp accuracy when it is mastered. First, you need to have a solid understanding of the concepts. Many FPS games have spray patterns that differ between guns. Standoff 2 allows you to test the spray patterns of your gun by going to training. Pay attention to the pattern that it makes. The AKR can be seen in this case that it moves slightly to the left, then goes up and then to the right. It then goes left and then back right. The left and right sprays are semi-random once you get past the 10th bullet.


Let’s move onto tip number 4, Standoff 2 economy. It is imperative to master Standoff 2 economy. This will make the difference between your team being well-equipped and continually buying. Standoff 2’s economy can be complicated, especially for those who aren’t used to similar systems. When should you purchase? When should you save money? Why is it that the other team has so much money?

Standoff 2’s economy has a great feature. You don’t have to know a lot of numbers and make calculations to decide whether you should buy. You will see the minimum money you have for each round after you click the buy button. It is essential to understand the values of each item if you wish to become a high-level player.

Working from an Angle

Tip 5 is all about understanding angles in this game. Did you ever hide in a corner, only for an enemy to quickly see your headshot and know you were there? It could be that they were not playing the right angle, and you should not accuse them of wall hacking. Let’s take for example that two people were going to fight one another. One player is hiding behind the wall that holds the angle and the other is peeking around the corner. This situation means that the enemy’s corpse will be seen by the player nearest to the wall. This is an important concept for players, because it gives you a significant advantage over enemies.

Imagine that you push onto a site, and then suspect your enemy is hiding behind an obstruction. It is a common mistake for players to move up close to an obstacle and then look at it. Because you are closer to the wall than your enemy, they will be able to see you first, making it an easy kill. Instead, move as far back as you can to the wall and then take a look at the angle. Because you’re closer to the enemy than you think, you will be able to spot him more easily. In other words, the person closest to the wall that blocks the sightline between two players will be the first to see him.

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Minecraft’s next big release is called The Wild update, out 2022

Although we haven’t received the second part of Caves and Cliffs, Mojang seems to be pushing the Minecraft train forward at full speed. The next major update to the block building sandbox, called “The Wild,” will come out sometime in 2022.

Mojang has updated its website to say that it is celebrating Minecraft’s Overworld wilderness by giving some biomes a more precise identity. The Birch Forest biome was an example, as it doesn’t currently have much to offer. The Wilds update would revitalize the biome by making the trees taller, more evenly spaced, and ample room for wildflowers. Now, Minecraft’s most boring biome has a personality.

Mangrove Swamp will be added to the update. This area will contain a new type of mangrove wood, a mud block that allows you to make mud bricks and boats with chests, as well as a new mob called a frog mob. Frogs will soon be available in Minecraft.

The Deep Dark biome has also been updated. It was initially announced for Caves and Cliffs updates, but Mojang has moved it to The Wilds update. However, it is worth the wait. It was revealed to us during Minecraft Live. However, it was a dark underground cave biome. Mojang now confirms that the biome is more than a cave. It also contains an entire ruined civilization with abandoned cities full of treasures. Our creepy friend, the Warden, is also pushed back by the move of the Deep Dark. However, it allows us ample time to gather the courage to confront those subterranean beasts.

Mojang stated that The Wild update would be more minor than Caves and Cliffs. This update was so significant that the studio had to split it into two parts. But it sounds like there’ll still be plenty to do.

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Smite Gets ‘Favorite God’ Trending With Twitter Poll, Hilarity Ensues

Smite, a third-person MOBA in which players can control gods and mythical characters to battle in classic MOBA style, is an oddity. The game has a wide range of options and continues to be popular, with its own Smite Battlepass system.
It was popular during the boom of MOBA games, and served as an alternative to DOTA 2 or League of Legends. However, interest in Smite has declined. It isn’t dead, but Hi-Rez continues to add new features and market the game. One example of this is a slightly misguided tweet campaign.

Hi-Rez tried to get a Twitter questionaire going for Smite players. It asked them to discuss their favourite gods and other divine beings. The questionaire asked players to name their favourite god, favorite god that grew on you, most underrated god and most important god. Although it seemed innocent for a MOBA player it turned out to be a very important question. Twitter accepted the prompt because it was about gods. These questions, while not specific, were not as thought-out as Hi-Rez’ work at home policy.

Many of the replies did not have anything to do with Smite, but instead focused on the god that the Twitter user wanted to discuss. For varying reasons, both well-known and less-known gods were mentioned as favourites. The prompt did not bring the hype about Smite like a trailer for an unknown god, but it did lead to a lot of hilarious responses about God or gods. In some cases, Godzilla, his immediate nemeses. Because Smite doesn’t limit the answers to gods, why limit them?

Many of the people who responded to the prompt didn’t understand why “favorite God” was trending, and were not familiar with Smite. Instead of praising Tiamat’s newcomer to Smite, they were praising Morgan Freeman’s portrayal as God from Bruce Almighty.

It would take a long time to list all the great responses, but there are many. Some of those not familiar with the prompt’s origins will be able to learn more about Smite, its deific roles and other information. Smite players may also learn about other gods like Warhammer’s Grandfather Nurgle.

Stranger Things on Netflix is well-known for its nostalgic appeal. Stranger Things’ 1980s setting and retro aesthetic with decade-appropriate hairstyles, outfits, and references throughout, are all reminiscent of the past. However, the influence of videogames on Netflix Original might be just as significant.

The show contains references to video games, and scenes that are reminiscent of classic titles such as Silent Hill, probably because the series creators, known as the Duffer Brothers (big gamers), use them throughout. In the five years since its launch, Netflix’s beloved program has teamed up with some of the most prominent names in gaming. Some of these collaborations have been quite strange.

It’s hard to think of a franchise that hasn’t crossed over with Minecraft. Block builder Minecraft introduced some Stranger Things skins around the start of the second season. This allowed players to create their own characters as well as terrifying monsters. Stranger Things fans have been building their own versions of the locations that were not included in the game.

Face Your Fears was a VR title that previously collaborated with Stranger Things. It gives players a close-up look at Hawkins, Indiana and some of the cosmic horrors that live there. There’s even an encounter with the show’s Demogorgon. The content is not available because Turtle Rock Studios’ license for Stranger Things was expired several years after the expansion’s release.

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This weekend, Gotham Knights’ latest trailer was unveiled at DC FanDome. This trailer is purely a story and focuses on the Court of Owls, who appear to be the main villains. The Penguin gives clues about the spooky conspiracy, and then the Penguin shows us the four Bat-family members we’ll be playing in Gotham Knights. Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin all fall into their clutches.

The Court of Owls, wealthy elites dressed in Venetian masks that resemble owls, were introduced in a 2011 comic book story. The trailer shows that they are not only an Eyes Wide Shut club of gazillionaires but also have well-armed assassins (called Talons by the comics).

Gotham Knights are being developed by WB Games Montreal–responsible for Arkham Origins and bits of Arkham Knight–and though the plot kind of resembles where you’d expect the Arkham series to go after Arkham Knight, it’s not set in the same version of the DC universe. This is a different continuity. Gotham Knights will be out in 2022. A Steam page was recently created.

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Fall Guys May Bring Back Scrapped Game Idea Due to Squid Game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which was released in 2020, features several games where players compete against each other until one is left. This is similar to the premise for the popular Netflix series Squid Game. This comparison suggests that a crossover between Fall Guys and Squid Game could be possible. It seems like something is in the making.
Joe Walsh, one of the game’s designers, spoke to Techradar about the scrapped levels for Fall Guys. The team is currently having difficulty coming up with new game modes. The popularity of Squid Game has led to the possibility that the studio may revive an idea it had, which is very similar to one of their games.

Squid Game offers children’s games with similar themes in a brighter setting. However, it has a darker undertone. Red Light Green Light was a Fall Guys game mode that was featured in the first round. It was scrapped because the studio wasn’t sure how it would work as a videogame format.

Walsh elaborates by saying that it is more difficult to stay still in real life than in video games. The only thing gamers need to do is set the controller down. It was impossible to make the game work. After seeing the popularity of Squid Game, the team is now willing to try again at implementing Red Light Green Light into this game.

The developers have plenty of examples of fan-made Squid Game. First, Roblox has multiple versions of Squid Game that include versions of Red Light Green Light. These versions work well. Developers can also use Fortnite codes to play Squid Game with a controller.

It makes sense that Fall Guys’ developers would like to capitalize on the popularity of this game with all the fan versions. There is no information at the moment about a second season of Squid Game. Developers would be wise to act quickly. This new mode could spark interest in the already saturated Battle Royale game market.

Netflix’s newest offering in K-Drama is Squid Game. It’s also the most powerful entry to the horror movie genre. It combines the politics and tension of Battle Royale with the gore and violence of Hunger Games. It’s an exciting experience that teaches as much as it thrills.

It’s worth the effort. It’s filled with tropes and elements, just like many horror series and films. Swiss cheese would be the best representation of the series’ logic, plot and story. Although it has many flaws, it is still delicious. To add to your post-viewing ruminations it’s time for you to reflect on some of the show’s rational missteps.

Anastasia Maillot updated this page on October 11, 2020. Squid Game has grown to be bigger than anyone could have imagined. Squid Game has appeared in every corner of the Internet, from fans posting their own versions of the dalgona cookies to mini-games posted on platforms such as Roblox that feature the famous Red Light, Green Light sequence.

Fans and critics have had a lot of fun discussing the plot. The discussion has led to some interesting points being added to this list, whether it is the reference to tragic and important real-life events in South Korea like the Ssangyong Motors case or the unique plot that preceded the Hunger Games. Be aware that spoilers may follow for viewers who have not yet seen the series.

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Adidas Reveals Xbox 360 Themed Shoes

Sneakerheads and gamers alike are enjoying Adidas’ latest collaboration, a line special Xbox-themed sneakers created to celebrate the console’s 20th anniversary. Adidas has revealed the first model of the anticipated collab, which is a tribute to the original Xbox. Now, Adidas will reveal the first look at the next pair. It’s modeled after the fan-favorite Xbox 360.
Complex reported in May that reports of the partnership between two major brands surfaced. Anonymous sources told Complex that Adidas would launch shoes with Xbox branding in June. Although the timing of the release may have been a little off, the anonymous sources proved to be accurate.
The Xbox 360 Forum Mid shoes, which are currently only available on Adidas’ Canadian website is a sight to see. The new design is based on the Adidas Forum Mid model and features an Xbox 360-inspired design. The sole is a light electric green and the upper is bright white. The Xbox 360 Forum Mids are also a tribute to the system’s components, with the upper straps featuring the silver disc drive slot. The iconic Xbox logo, in its 360-era version, is what ties the look together.

The Xbox 360 Forum Mid shoes, which cost C$200 or approximately $160 USD, go on sale October 30, at 10:59 a.m. These shoes are joined by the Xbox 20th Forum Tech sneakers, which were announced just days ago. The two pair of kicks make for a dynamic range of footwear. The Xbox 20th ForumTech shoes are brighter than the Xbox 360 Forum Mids. They feature translucent highlights and black paneling. These models are not the last Adidas shoes to be released. The Xbox Marketing Manager stated that additional shoes in honor of Xbox’s legacy would be released “overthe next few months.”

Although Xbox is the most prominent console brand with its 20th anniversary Adidas collaboration, it’s not the only one that is getting into the custom footwear trend. Paul George, a superstar basketball player, teamed up Nike and Sony to create PlayStation 5-themed shoes a few months back. The PG-13s are based on the Nike PG 5 basketball shoe model. They feature all the best attributes of the PS5, such as the loading screen, logo, outer shell and gradient blue glow. Even the shoe’s upper has a small print of the button symbols from PlayStation.

Adidas’s line of Xbox 20th Anniversary shoes is certain to sell quickly. Those interested might want to set up notifications to be notified when the shoes go live. The Sole Supplier offers retro console shoes with lots of thoughtful detail, for those who wish to own a less common console.

Microsoft has announced a limited-edition line of commemorative items to mark the 20th anniversary the Xbox. New commemorative accessories include headsets, charging stations and controllers. There will also be 20th anniversary Xbox merchandise.

The new controller is the most notable of all the products that were recently announced. The translucent black controller, which features the Xbox 20th anniversary logo and some of the classic colors, is a throwback to the original Xbox Debug Kit, according to Xbox Wire’s reveal announcement.

Microsoft’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Stereo Headset features the transparent black design. It makes it seem like translucent gaming hardware is making a comeback. The headset features translucent plastic and the brand’s iconic electric green logo. Microsoft also announced the throwback style for the special edition Forza Horizon 5, controller.

Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand For Xbox Controllers is the final piece of hardware in the anniversary range. Razer has produced many controller chargers that are compatible with Xbox. This one however features the anniversary logo. It can be used to display your controller and charge it while it isn’t in use. The combination purchase of both the charger stand and the controller will be a memorable way to commemorate the anniversary.

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