How Many People Play Fortnite In 2021?

It is pretty amazing to see the Epic Games Fortnite success, especially considering its humble beginnings as a pure PVE experience. This was later renamed Save the World. Save the World was a long-running project that took years to complete. It didn’t make the top 10 when it was finally released. Epic saw an opportunity to make Fortnite: Battle Royale. The rest is history. How many Fortnite players still play it in 2021?

Epic has been conservative in releasing official figures recently, limiting themselves to specific milestones of players attained.

Epic revealed that Fortnite had 350 million registered accounts, and players spent 3.3billion hours playing the game during April 2020. In a lawsuit against Epic, they repeated the same number in August 2020. These numbers may result from the global situation, but it’s not surprising that they are so impressive.

Due to the massive fallout between Epic Games & Apple, it appears that Fortnite’s total number of players has plummeted. Fortnite on iOS devices accounts for approximately 116 million of the actual 350 million Fortnite players.

Important to note that these figures don’t include spam or secondary accounts. However, it is still a significant milestone considering the issues with mobile. Fortnite is a popular game due to its free nature and pop culture status. This doesn’t answer the question about who’s still playing Fortnite, but Chapter 3 is an excellent place to start.

Before we get into the analysis of Fortnite’s player numbers, it is essential to note that any site that claims to have an active player count is false. Epic does not have this information available publicly for anyone to view every second. Sites such as can be inaccurate.

Fortnite: Are You a Player in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s peak concurrent player base was 78.3 million in August 2018. This was in August 2018, when Fortnite was still relatively new on Switch. It was also the holiday season, so younger players had plenty of time to play.

Fortnite’s daily active users (DAU) are still very much alive. Fortnite’s daily active players (DAU) were revealed in August 2020 in the lawsuit between Epic Games & Apple about the game’s status on App Store.

According to lawsuit filings, Fortnite was not available on iOS after the battle between the two companies began. Fortnite was only available on iOS for 2.5 million of the 25,000,000 DAU.

If you remove the 2.5 million iOS users, there are 222.5 million Fortnite players. This is according to August 2020. This number could be even higher, as iOS players may migrate to other platforms. Fortnite had 116,000,000 iOS users, with 73 million who only played the game on iOS.

You can find the number of concurrent Fortnite players with some basic maths. Based on the 22.5 million DAU that don’t use iOS, Fortnite’s average contemporary player per hour was 937.500 in August 2020. It would be a significant advantage over most games on Steam, but we don’t know if Fortnite’s player count will decline in 2021. Google Trends shows a drop in people searching for Fortnite. However, this is not a barometer.

In celebration of the console’s first birthday, Sony released the most downloaded PS5 games in the past year. Fortnite was ranked #1, ahead of FIFA and Call of Duty.

Epic then announced that Fortnite was the most popular game at a season launch, with Chapter 3 – Season 1.

Fortnite has been around for 19 seasons, and it is more than four years old. It’s far from being dead, however.

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